Bugatti reveals epic, X-themed interior for Bolide

Track-only hypercar has Bugatti going all-in on 'multi-dimensional sensory experience'

By PH Staff / Wednesday, 22 November 2023 / Loading comments

Bugatti has talked excitedly but sparingly about the new Bolide since it confirmed that the track-only hypercar would enter limited production back in 2021. Much has been made of the dramatic, ‘X-theme’ design language and its unshackled 8.0-litre W16, but until now – an early rendering aside – the manufacturer has not revealed what the customer car’s interior would look like. Until now that is. 

As you’d expect from something that Bugatti airily suggested would cost in the region of four million euros, the Bolide’s cabin is pretty special. Created specifically for the track car (it shares no parts or trim surfaces with the Chiron) and sat amid a modified monocoque that is said to be ‘stronger and stiffer’ than the one used in the road-going hypercar, it allows for a more rearward pitch in the seating position. This means the driver’s heels are slightly raised compared to the Chiron – because race car. 

And that’s just the beginning. The seats, which come in four sizes (or you can have them custom-shaped to your body), are mounted directly to the monocoque – a first for Bugatti – meaning it’s the steering wheels and pedals that adjust. The key benefit is the associated weight saving, although it has allowed the manufacturer to get pretty funky with the design, too. The multi-pad arrangement sees the outermost bolsters of the back and headrest open outward with the door, which Bugatti says helps with accessibility – and probably looks pretty cool to boot. 

Naturally, you can have the pads in a range of materials you like (leather, suede, napa and Alcantara are among the options) and there ought to be no fear of sticking to them – Bugatti promises a lightweight climate control system that will channel air to the occupants via the four aluminium nozzles arranged into ‘a beautifully symmetrical quad design’, which, like the seats, is intended to reference the X-theme that characterises the car’s exterior styling. 

The focal point for the conspicuous motif has to be the custom-made, detachable steering wheel, which is apparently straining on the one hand to seem motorsport-inspired with its befuddling array of buttons, while on the other recalling a level of chiseled, high-end ergonomic silliness you’d normally find on Swiss diving watches. From where we’re sitting, it succeeds brilliantly at both, and is said to have been perfected over multiple design stages using feedback from Bugatti’s test drivers (tough job etc). 

Some of the functions clearly have to do with comms, but it’ll likely be the dials for ABS and Traction Control that owners will appreciate. That and the ability to control the data-heavy screens mounted ahead of the driver. Presumably the colour – and much else besides – are at the whim of the customer, most of whom are now ‘close to completing the personalisation process’ as the development team continues to put the finishing touches to Bugatti’s eulogistic mega-car. Deliveries to the lucky few are due to begin next year. 

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