You Can Own Cayman GT4 RS VIN 001 For $219,900

Porsche freaks: We have a car for you. This 718 Cayman GT4 RS might not look very special, but its exceptionally low VIN number and previous ownership make it a compelling buy for Porsche fans who want a vehicle with some serious provenance in their collection. 

The last four digits of this Cayman GT4 RS’s VIN number are 0001. While a Porsche spokesperson couldn’t confirm to Motor1 whether this car was in fact the first production GT4 RS built, there’s no doubt such a VIN is pleasing to the eye of the most serious Porsche collectors. 

In addition to the low VIN, this GT4 RS has had a fascinating previous owner: Porsche North America. In the 3454 miles before this car popped up for sale at Porsche Dallas, it was used as a press vehicle to be loaned to journalists for photos, testing, and reviews. I know this because I personally put about 600 miles on this car back in July, including quite a few laps at Lime Rock Park. The car was also stress-tested at Car and Driver’s annual Lightning Lap, a lap-time event that takes place at Virginia International Raceway every year.

Before you dismiss this GT4 RS as too worn or ragged, you should know how Porsche treats its GT-badged press cars. Because the company knows these cars will be track-tested to the limit, proper care and maintenance is of the utmost priority. Things like brakes, tires, and engine service are always kept up to date, and if a clumsy journalist such as myself breaks something, it’s fixed with real Porsche parts by proper Porsche employees. Oftentimes, these cars have their own personal minders from Porsche on standby at all times when a publication does track testing. I’d go as far as to say a car like this is probably in better shape than a privately owned example with similar miles, especially if that private owner tracks their car.

If you’re still hesitant, keep in mind this GT4 RS comes with a Porsche Certified pre-owned warranty, so you won’t be totally screwed if something major does break. With an asking price of $219,900, it’s also one of the cheapest RSs on the market right now. It’s an even better deal once you take the included Weissach package โ€” originally a $13,250 option โ€” into account.

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