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PH Project Car finds a new home as we announced the winner of our Golf GTI track build

By Cam Tait / Monday, 11 December 2023

Where on Earth has 2023 gone? Seems like only yesterday we were voting on the best performance cars of the last 25 years, or drawing up countless spreadsheets for our very first project car. The score for the former was settled at PH25 back in August, and now, at our final Sunday Service of the year at Thruxton, it’s time to round out the latter.

We’ve been on quite a journey with PH Project Car, turning it from a regular old Mk5 VW Golf GTI (with a very beige leather interior) into a track weapon capable of lapping within one and a half seconds of a Mk8 Golf R 20 Years. However, the plan was always to hand our GTI over to a PHer come the end of the series, and our gathering at Thruxton seemed as good a time as any to announce the lucky winner. So (drumroll please), congratulations to Morgan Brady for winning PH Project Car! And a massive thank you to everyone who entered the draw to win our Mk5 GTI. It’ll be sorely missed, but we’re hoping Morgan brings it along to a Sunday Service in the near future.

Meanwhile, the car park was packed with an incredible mix of cars ranging from the brand-new McLaren 750S to an Ariel Nomad (with a Christmas tree strapped to the top of it, naturally). A special mention to the E39 BMW 5 Series that had been chopped into a pick-up, once again proving that a PH Sunday Service never fails to surprise. Great to see so many of PHers unfazed by the cold (though not as cold as it was last year!). 

Speaking of the chill, Mission Motorsport held a track walk once again in exchange for a small donation to support their great cause. So a big thank you to all who chipped in, and of course to the folks at Thruxton for hosting us. Naturally, PHers are already talking about the event on the original thread, so you can join in the conversation here.

So that’s for Sunday Service in 2023. But if you thought this year was a big one, what with it being our 25th birthday and all, then just wait until you see what we’ve got planned for 2024. With the success of PH25, we’ll be repeating a similar event for our first ‘Annual Service’ next year, and you can register your interest here so you’re first in line to grab an early bird ticket.

Be sure to check our calendar here as well, as we’ll keep it up to date with all our Sunday Service plans for next year. Until then, see you in 2024! 

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