Living with a Honda City hybrid: Mileage, roadtrips & ownership review

It’s a wizard when it comes to fuel efficiency, giving us a whopping 29.6 km/l while we kept it in eco mode.

BHPian Greenville recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

A year and five months ago, I embarked on a delightful journey with my Honda City Hybrid. This trusty steed of mine has been a saviour on both serene highway escapades and the daily Bangalore traffic grind (let’s be real, the never-ending Hebbal traffic is like a bumper-to-bumper ballet of frustration). But lo and behold, my trusty companion has made those mundane trips a lot less hair-pulling. The real hero here is the auto-hold function. You see, in Bangalore traffic, you don’t just press the gas pedal; you press your patience too. Auto-hold? It’s like having your very own personal valet, making sure your car doesn’t sneakily roll back and play bumper cars with the vehicle behind you. And those well-cushioned seats? They’ve been my daily dose of therapy for surviving the concrete jungle.

But let’s not dwell on the humdrum daily commutes; let me share a highway adventure that’s a tale of tires, torque, and a twist of travel misadventures. We started from Bangalore to a place called Thiruvalla in Kerala, a cool 655 kilometres away. We chose the Krishnagiri route, zipped past Salem and Coimbatore, and eventually reached Kochi. But ah, here’s where we took a detour via—Alleppey. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t our finest decision. For the return journey, we opted for the MC road through Kottayam high range, and let me tell you, it was an absolute joyride.

Coming back to our machine, the City Hybrid on the highway is like a superhero donning its cape. When you say goodbye to the eco mode and hello to 252 NM of torque, that will give that i-VTEC engine an adrenaline rush. Some may find the sound of the i-VTEC engine’s battle cry irritating, but for me, it’s like music to my ears—every decibel is an ode to the joy of acceleration.

We set off early in the morning, driving in eco mode until the sun joined the party. The ADAS features—lane-keeping and adaptive cruise control—were in full swing, and even the high-beam assist was doing its job beautifully on Hosur’s roads. My friend, who took the wheel for a while, was convinced the car was making him sleepy, as he could drive it with just one finger (true story).

Now, let’s talk about the e:HEV. It’s a wizard when it comes to mileage, giving us a whopping 29.6 km/l while we kept it in eco mode. Of course, once we switched off eco mode and let the beast roar, the numbers slowly started their descent. We took breaks for Salem’s scenic beauty, quick pit stops for filter coffee, and a hearty breakfast after Coimbatore.

The journey was smooth, and the driving dynamics were impeccable. Though we did experience some minor hiccups, like the rear passengers feeling a bit like they were on a bouncy castle at high speeds, and the NVH levels, well, let’s just say they had some room for improvement. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the undersized tire issue (Honda, we’re looking at you).

But here’s the best part: we reached our destination after 12 hours on the road, we weren’t wiped out; we were refreshed, all thanks to those heavenly, spacious seats. The final mileage shown, you ask? A grin-inducing 28 km/l.

655 km covered and another 217 km showing in the odometer to reach reserve and I am sure another 100km I will get in reserve! (Oh, Honda, you do know how to make an entrance!) Who needs ventilated seats when you’ve got that and a great set of wheels? So there you have it, my journey with my Honda City Hybrid, filled with twists, turns, and a whole lot of highway hilarity.

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