VW Benchmarking ID. GTI EV Prototype Against Fifth-Gen Golf GTI: Report

The Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept debuted at the IAA motor show in Munich, Germany. VW already confirms that the production version debuts in 2026 and goes on sale in early 2027. Folks from the company are now dropping some details about the model’s development.

VW R&D team leader Kai Grünitz says the company already has a drivable prototype, and the fifth-gen GTI is a benchmark for the project. “We want to make it agile, really direct and so you can feel the road with the damper settings. It’ll be fast but smooth and it’ll need more power than the ID 2 All,” he told Autocar. A fake engine sound inspired by previous GTIs plays in the cabin, but drivers can turn this off.

The production version rides on the MEB Entry platform and shares a body in white with the ID. 2. It is a bit smaller than the concept, which measures 161.5 inches long, 72.4 inches wide, 59 inches tall, and a 102.3-inch wheelbase. For comparison, the current Golf-based GTI is 168.8 inches long, 70.4 inches wide, 57.6 inches tall, and a 103.6-inch wheelbase.

VW is retaining the GTX moniker that it currently uses for high-performance electric models. “GTX goes into certain segments, and is four-wheel drive. This [concept] is front-wheel drive and GTI will be for front-wheel drive,” Volkswagen design boss Andreas Mindt told Autocar.

Mindt said the ID. GTI Concept came together in just three months. The ID. 2 design was already complete, so this vehicle only required tweaks to match the GTI aesthetic, like a more aggressive front fascia. The designer said his favorite part was the wheels inspired by the original GTI but now in aluminum rather than steel.

VW plans for the ID.2 to cost around the equivalent of $26,756 (25,000 euros). The GTI variant would be a bit more expensive. “Like with the Mk1 GTI, we can convince people with a cheaper car, more approachable and more for the people,” Mindt said.

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Source: Autocar

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