‘I’m a mechanic – I hated working on these six cars’

A car mechanic has revealed the worst vehicles he’s ever had to work on and the stories behind them.

David Long, who runs the YouTube channel Car Wizard, regularly posts tutorials on how to fix certain issues commonly found on certain models and shares past experiences he has faced.

In one of his recent videos, David recollected about a time his landlord asked him to restore a 1980s Volkswagen Rabbit Cabriolet, the American equivalent to the Golf.

He said: “The landlord brought by this Rabbit Cabriolet that had been sitting for probably a decade. It didn’t run, everything was worn out.

“I normally would have said no, I don’t do restorations, but what do you do if it’s your landlord who could get angry? I was really between a rock and a hard place there.”

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David explained that, because it had spent a long time off the road, many of the components of the Volkswagen were beyond repair.

However, since the landlord was ready to spend a lot of money on funding the project, David was able to restore the car, albeit after a year.

In the video, David advises drivers who want to restore a classic car that sentimental value can lead to many spending much more on fixing it.

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Another car that David talked about in the video was a Bentley that had been imported from Russia by another YouTuber.

He explained: “I hated the job because I knew as much as how he wants this thing to run, as much money as he’s going to put into this, it’s never going to be a viable car, it’s never going to be a good car.

“I think we did get it running but it still was never a beautiful, perfect Bentley again, and it probably never will be again.”

David also recollected the time he worked on a 1992 Ford Escort, which he stated was made less enjoyable due to the amount of rust the red hatchback had.

He added: “This thing was rusted so badly you could put your hand in the sub-frame, it was like a tunnel, and if you tapped on the bottom of the car too hard with your finger pieces would fall off.

“It was almost like The Flintstones’ car where your feet can touch the ground, it was really a piece of junk, but this guy again had sentimental value.”

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