‘I waited two years for my dream electric truck – here’s the reason I sold it’

A social media influencer has announced that he regrets buying an electric car that he hoped would be his dream vehicle.

Jed, who runs the YouTube channel Jetters Garage, revealed that he waited two years to get his hands on a Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck, priced at $49,995 (£40,000).

However, in a video, Jed explained that he sold the truck after owning it for less than a year due to a disagreement with the vehicle’s charger.

He said: “In order to get a Pro Charger you have to have purchased the truck, makes sense but only I had a friend that purchased his truck about five minutes before me and he got his Pro Charger sent to him by Sunrun, the vendor Ford works with, three months before he ever got the actual truck.

“I purchased the truck, I asked if they could ship me the charger early and they say ‘no, you have to actually complete the purchase’.”

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Jed explained that, whilst his Ford F-150 Lightning came with a mobile charger, which allows owners to charge the car using a standard 13-amp plug, he could not install a home charger until his truck was delivered.

As a result, whilst Jed was able to charge his new pickup, it would take significantly longer to do so until he had the Pro Charger installed.

However, Jed claimed that a fault led to the Pro Charger being delivered much later than his truck, meaning he had to be far more conscious about charging his car.

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Later in the video, Jed was also critical of the FordPass smartphone app, stating that using some of its features could be frustrating and time consuming.

He explained: “It’s one of the clunkiest apps I’ve seen, for sure for a car. It works half the time, it’s very difficult, the user interface is very non-intuitive.

“I think there is a very big opportunity for Ford to do something here. Ford, if you’re listening, please fix your app, make it work.”

Launched in April 2022, the Ford F-150 Lightning was the first pickup truck to come from the brand, featuring a range of up to 320 miles and a 1013kg payload.

However, whilst Jed stated that the truck had its faults, he concluded his video by stating that not everything about his electric Ford was bad, and that he would buy another EV in the future.

He added: “In the end, would I do it again? Yes, I would. It’s just a little bit of a learning curve and I think that you just need to be aware if you’re going to make a purchase.

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