‘I’m a mechanic – checking this air conditioning component could save hundreds’

A social media mechanic has advised drivers to check a key component of their engine to avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Jim The Car Guy has been a mechanic for over 40 years and regularly posts informative videos to his YouTube channel, giving viewers advice on how to save money on motoring.

In one of his most popular videos, Jim explains that drivers can avoid trouble with the air conditioning system by regularly checking the compressor.

He said: “Make sure if you’re doing your compressor to make sure you know whether there’s oil in there or not.

“If there’s not oil in there, make sure you put it in because otherwise you’re going to cook your compressor.”

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In the video, Jim repairs the air conditioning system on a 2008 Honda C-RV, quite a serious job that required various components to be removed.

In order to replace the faulty compressor, Jim had to go underneath the SUV and remove a safety tray before disconnecting its electrics.

However, if the owner had made sure that there was oil in the compressor, it could have been prevented, saving the driver hundreds of pounds.

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Jim also explained that many compressors feature a tag that specifies if it comes with the recommended amount of oil.

Similarly, many motoring experts state that there are many other ways in which drivers can make sure it continues to run smoothly.

Whilst the system regularly needs to be recharged using a certain refrigerant gas, drivers should not wait until it has completely run out, which typically occurs after every two years.

It is also recommended that drivers run the air conditioning in their vehicle at least once per week and clean the vents thoroughly.

Whilst it only takes a few seconds, it could prevent moisture and mould from building up in the system, which could lead to the driver and its occupants feeling nauseous.

Finally, to prevent dust and dirt from the roads from entering the cabin or a limited airflow, motorists should also get the cabin filter changed every 12,000 miles.

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