Why I bought 3 Suzuki Access in a row: Ownership experience with each

The scooter was very convenient when taking a pillion rider along and the extra 50cc engine displacement over the Scooty Pep was a huge plus.

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After the Bajaj era, how many times has one heard of someone acquiring three scooters of the same make/name one after the other? It happened to us – three Suzuki Access 125s – first by chance, second by chance, and third by chance! While it would have been apt to call this experience a hat trick, I didn’t use this phrase as a hat trick is normally associated with success and happiness, which wasn’t quite the case with me with the Suzuki Access. Read on to know why.

Circa 2012

We were using an old Scooty Pep (the 75cc one) which did seem a tad inadequate when riding duo. Although I had a Toyota Corolla then in Chennai, the city as most of us know is ideally navigated using a two-wheeler. I’d end up driving even when I didn’t want to and that would be a pain, especially with heavy traffic on Arcot Road/ Kodambakkam High Road, and the then under-construction metro affected 100 feet Road. The need for a second two-wheeler was then felt.

Options considered

We’ve historically used two-wheelers no more than 3,000 km a year, but the km done on the Scooty Pep seemed to suggest we were doing 7k a year. An equal split between two scooters would mean the ideal 3.5k km a year OR once-in-a-year service. We looked at a few options and shortlisted them.

  • Honda Activa 110: the best price at the time; it was getting to approximately INR 60k on the road. The salespeople’s experience at KUN on Dr Ambedkar Road was good. They said black was readily available but white would take up to 10 days
  • TVS Wego: I always admired this vehicle for its novelties – a fuel filler cap independent of the rear seat, an easy-to-mount centre stand, nice upright seating, and 12-inch wheels. On road price was 62k. Sales team experience at Maruthi TVS West Mambalam was just average
  • Hero Maestro: sported the same engine as the Activa, and was priced a tad lower at approx INR 59k on-road, but one experience at Vishnu Hero at Ekatuthangal was enough to say, “Thank You”. Worst sales team who were rather casual about the enquiry. They just gave a lame excuse for a vehicle not being available and “Battery pottu vandi ready pannanum” (battery would need to be fitted to make the scooter ready for display)

We had almost decided on getting the Wego and were going to shortlist one at Ramkay TVS Adyar when I chanced upon an ad on sulekha.com. For those who remember, olx wasn’t a strong platform then while Quikr and Sulekha did show genuine ads.

Options considered (Contd.)

An ad on sulekha.com showed this early 2012 registered silver Suzuki Access, done a mere 600 km for sale. I’d until this ad thought that a Suzuki Access commanded a waiting period and with limited dealerships, we’d be stuck with a monopolistic set-up at least until free and paid services were over. To add to this, it was a 125cc engine which would mean a higher price tag and a little lower FE; all assumptions with no basis or data!

What made this an examinable proposition

  • It looked pretty similar to our earlier scooter in Gujarat – a Kinetic Nova 135
  • The full ABS panels would mean zero corrosion – like the Nova 135
  • My wife fell so much in love with the Nova for its super powerful engine and its cavernous boot, and this Access would also sport these two virtues
  • Here was an almost brand new, less than 6 months old, 600 km run fully accessorized scooter that was available right there
  • Silver was a pleasing colour – probably the best on an old Access

Evaluation and closure

I contacted the seller, and off I went to his residence, tucked away in one of the by-lanes of West Saidapet. It was 7 in the morning so I could beat traffic and mayhem. Went to the seller’s place, and the vehicle was covered. The moment the cover was off, it was an instant attraction; so much in common with the Nova 135. I fired the engine up and that one thing was enough – one of the sweetest sounding engines among all two-wheelers that I’ve come across – the engines on the Honda Shine and Honda Unicorn were also smooth as silk. A short test ride revealed all was fine. Examined the documents and everything was in order. I later got back to the seller with a reasonable offer, and after a 24-hour wait, we were given the nod by the seller.

I picked the scooter up at approx. 18% below the cost of a new one, which was fair. It was as good as brand new. Ma’am was happy, and that mattered more than anything else.

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