Yamaha Unveils Two New E-Bike Concepts Ahead Of 2023 Japan Mobility Show

If for some reason you needed a motorcycle, piano, audio equipment, and an electric bicycle, but the condition was that they all had to be from the same manufacturer, chances are youโ€™d look at Yamaha. The Japanese company has been at the forefront of innovation across multiple industries for decades now, and now, with the Japan Mobility Show 2023 just a few days away, Yamaha seems ready to put on quite a show.

In a press release, Yamaha unveiled not one, but two electric bicycles ahead of the Japan Mobility Show. It already has an impressive roster of e-bikes such as the high-performance YDX Moro 07 electric mountain bike unveiled earlier in 2023. The brand also impressed with the Booster, an electric moped with futuristic scooter-like styling This time around, Yamahaโ€™s newest concept e-bikes look to take bike-centric technology to a whole new level.

The first model the brand has unveiled is called the Y-01W AWD. At a glance, the bike looks like a needlessly complex amalgamation of tubing, however, Yamaha claims that this concept is intended to bridge the gap between gravel and mountain biking. It features two electric motors โ€“ one on each wheel, so yes, itโ€™s an all-wheel-drive e-bike. Complementing the two motors is not one, but two batteries, promising long-distance rides in between charges.

Naturally, Yamaha has kept the majority of the technical details of the Y-01W AWD shrouded in mystery, at least, we presume, until the Japan Mobility Show. Nevertheless, we can deduce quite a bit from the images provided. For instance, it gets a sleek and aggressive frame with drop bars, as well as a suspension fork up front. The concept model is expected to be classified as a speed pedelec in the European market, meaning itโ€™ll have an assisted top speed in excess of 25 kilometers per hour (15 miles per hour).

The second concept bike that was revealed is dubbed the Y-00Z MTB, an electric mountain bike that makes use of a fancy electronic power steering system. From a design perspective, there not much that differentiates the Y-00Z MTB from a regular full-suspension mountain bike, except, of course, for that electronic power steering motor situated on the head tube. Mountain bikes arenโ€™t exactly known for having excessively heavy steering, so itโ€™ll surely be interesting to learn more about this new piece of technology.

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