Toyota Crown Estate Could Be US-Bound With Hybrid-Electric AWD Powertrain

Toyota has received the memo that Americans love crossovers and SUVs. The automaker teased a new mid-size SUV for the American market that will debut soon, and the teaser provides compelling evidence that this could be a new Crown variant.

The photo highlights a portion of the liftgate that contains the taillights, the letter C, and the powertrain emblem. The C is the beginning of the model’s name, and this doesn’t look like a Corolla or Camry. The C with the taillights makes the model’s rear look like the Crown Estate that Toyota detailed earlier this year.

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The Estate looks like a traditional SUV. It has a boxy rear end for maximized cargo space, a variation of the Crown familyโ€™s sleek headlight motif, and a longish hood. Black pillars make it look sportier, but Toyota could tweak those elements for US buyers.

Toyota says the new model will have all-wheel drive and a hybrid-electric powertrain. The Crown is available in the US with the 2.5-liter four-cylinder that pairs with Toyota’s fourth-generation hybrid powertrain technology. It produces 236 horsepower. It’s also available with the peppier 2.4-liter Hybrid Max setup with two electric motors that combine to make 340 hp and 400 pound-feet of torque.

The automaker also showed off the Crown Estate’s cabin in April, and it shares an interior with the Crown that’s on sale in the US. It has a landscape-oriented center display, a row of physical HVAC controls below, and a stylish dashboard.

The company has expanded its lineup with more crossovers over the last few years. It has added the Corolla Cross, Venza, Grand Highlander, and bZ4X since 2020, and those models will have to make room for this new mid-size offering.

Toyota didn’t provide a specific debut date for the new model. It cheekily said, “C u โ€ฆ soon.” How soon? We don’t know. The Los Angeles Auto Show is approaching, kicking off on November 17. It would be the perfect venue for Toyota to launch a new, stylish SUV.

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