‘I’m a car mechanic – these two tips will give you gas mileage for a long time’

The secret to improving your gas mileage is twofold, according to a renowned car mechanic, who discussed the components in a viral clip.

Scotty Kilmer’s channel has become a hub for international drivers worried about committing costly mistakes with their new rides.

The mechanic of 56 years’ YouTube channel has garnered a mammoth following of 5.95 million subscribers since sharing his pearls of wisdom with the world.

In a clip posted some years ago, Kilmer took to the platform to explain why cars get worse gas mileage as they age and what drivers can do to minimise this gas mileage loss.

Attaining good gas mileage, which is measured in MPG, is pivotal to ensuring drivers consume less gas when covering large distances per mile.

Kilmer told his viewers: “The key to getting good gas mileage is twofold, you want to buy a well-made car.”

“Then, of course, you have to maintain the car,” added Kilmer, noting this ensures “the gas mileage doesn’t drop dramatically as the car ages”.

The main reason cars see their gas mileage decrease as they age, according to the expert, is down to the wear and tear of the engine.

“As you’re driving the engine, the piston rings have to seal the Pistons, but if you don’t change the oil enough, [the engine] gets too much dirt,” he explained.

This will wear the piston rings over time and prevent them from sealing correctly, explaining the eventual deterioration of gas mileage.

The fuel filter is equally important to consider, explained Kilmer, adding: “Let’s say you never change your fuel filter if it gets clogged up the fuel pressure is gonna go down.

“It’s [going to] run poorly because the computer will keep trying to compensate for it, and it’ll get worse mileage.”

Kilmer noted fuel filters aren’t always 100 percent efficient and things can often get by them. 

“So as long as you […] use good fuel, keep your fuel filters clean, they can keep you getting good gas mileage for a long time,” concluded the expert.

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