Volkswagen previews first-ever all-electric wagon

Incoming ID 7 Tourer will be among a slew of fast EV estate cars when it launches next year

By Matt Bird / Monday, 30 October 2023 / Loading comments

Volkswagen may not be the company that first springs to mind when thinking of fast estates – but there remain a few notable uberwagons in its back catalogue. Only early 2000s VW could have replaced a 4.0-litre, eight-cylinder flagship Passat with one powered by a 3.6-litre VR6, for example. The Mk7 Golf R estate was very good, too; the latest one, judged purely on driving dynamics, is probably even better. And don’t forget the Arteon Shooting Brake, either. 

Plenty of heritage for this new ID.7 Tourer to draw upon, then, especially with confirmation already of a GTX hatch – plus that striking ID.X Performance. Gold wheels and red accents would surely look just as good on a wagon. We’re not quite at that stage for the Tourer just yet, the full design still disguised under some camo, but you only need to consider the evolution of similar ID models to see where the Tourer might end up. Given the it’s-definitely-coming status of the GTX badge, it seems almost guaranteed that a circa 400hp derivative will arrive at some point; let’s hope for a more gratifying EV performance flagship this time around. 

For now, VW is promising much of what might be expected from its first all-electric estate. The incredibly low drag coefficient of the ID.7 hatch (0.23) has almost been matched the second time around (0.24), and the big boot is promising acres of room: 545 litres with the seats up, 1,714 with them down. Which is genuinely massive regardless of powertrain – the equivalent Skoda Octavia is only rated at a 1,700-litre maximum. So that should be space, range and refinement in the Tourer’s favour, which all sound like good news. It’ll likely be rear-drive to begin with, too. 

VW is also promising ‘high travel comfort’, which won’t exactly get pulses racing but again sounds ideal for a cavernous EV estate. Leaves plenty of headroom for something faster as well. The ID 7 Tourer will go on sale in Europe next year, with the final design to be revealed in the coming months. Which is unlikely to hold too many surprises, because VW wagons don’t tend to. Alternatively, if the old ways really are the only way, you know where to look…

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