How many grey import Teslas are there in Malaysia? –

Tesla Malaysia is only expected to put the first officially imported Teslas on the road later this year with the Tesla Model 3 Highland, but there are already a lot of Teslas running around on Malaysian roads thanks to both parallel importers and MGTC’s Tesla leasing program.

But how many exactly are there? Well thanks to DOSM’s portal, we now know exactly how many there are running on the road thanks to JPJ registration data.

Here’s how many grey import Teslas there are in Malaysia as of August 2023:

  • Tesla Model 3 – 337 units
  • Tesla Model Y – 227 units
  • Tesla Model S – 43 units
  • Tesla Model X – 55 units
  • Total – 662 units

It isn’t a surprise that there are more Model 3 running around than the Model Y, as the Model 3 is a cheaper car. The Model 3 also looks more like a traditional sedan than the Model Y looks like a traditional SUV – it instead looks more like a bloated Model 3, much like what a Golf Plus/SV is to a Golf.

What surprised us is the fact that there are more Model X running around compared to Model S. I guess people are really attracted to the fancy falcon doors that the Model X offers.

We should see the amount of Model S and X slowly taper off in the next few years as Tesla has stopped making right hand drive versions of the car, unless of course it is reintroduced.

Here are the screenshots of the JPJ registration charts. You can head onto the portal to play around with the dashboard yourself.

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