HeyBike To Launch Upgraded Mars 2.0 Folding E-Bike In October 2023

HeyBike is one of the many up and coming e-bike brands making waves in the industry. It’s best known for its affordable and practical electric two-wheelers that combine impressive performance and technology. Its newest model is an evolution of one of its popular models, the Mars folding e-bike. Let’s take a closer look.

What sets the new Mars 2.0 apart from its predecessor is the fact that it’s packing more performance and off-road capability. The original Mars is one of HeyBike’s best-sellers, with the brand claiming that 30 percent of HeyBike owners own a Mars model. Now, the Mars 2.0 takes the user-friendly design of the original model, and bestows it with some extra performance which also improves comfort and safety.

Let’s start things off with the bike’s technology. The new HeyBike Mars 2.0 has a new 750-watt rear hub motor, as against its predecessor’s 500-watt unit. With a peak power output of 1,200 watts, the new Mars 2.0 can hit a top speed of 28 miles per hour. Furthermore, the removable 48-volt, 5-ampere battery pack can be charged in less than six hours with a 54.6-volt, 2-amp charger. This means that the bike can travel up to 45 miles on a single charge on pedal assist mode. Nevertheless, it’s important to take note that range will vary on things like assist level, terrain, rider weight, as well as your riding habits in general.

The HeyBike Mars 2.0 rolls on fat tires measuring 20 x 4 inches, while an integrated rear cargo rack allows you to carry all sorts of stuff. Adding to the bike’s versatility is a folding frame with the same basic design as the original Mars. It can be folded in half, making it compact enough to fit in the back of a van or SUV. Nevertheless, you might need some help lifting it up, as the entire thing weighs in at about 75 pounds.

Last but not least, HeyBike has decked the new Mars 2.0 out in accessories that make it usable for all sorts of raiders. For starters, it gets front and rear LED lights allowing you to venture out before the sun has risen or after it’s set. There are also front and rear full-coverage fenders that keep your clothes clean and dry, should you be traversing wet or muddy pavement on your way to school or work.

When it comes to pricing and availability, HeyBike says that the new Mars 2.0 will be available starting October 15, 2023. It’ll carry a suggested retail price of $1,199 USD.

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