‘I’m a car mechanic – many don’t know their vehicle has these hidden features’

An experienced car mechanic has listed several hidden features that you may have overlooked or don’t yet know about in your car.

Scotty Kilmer is a poignant figure in automotive circles on social media, where he enjoys divulging his pearls of wisdom to almost six million subscribers. 

The expert acquired his expertise over a career spanning 55 years and uses it to help drivers avoid common mishaps with their cars. 

In a recent clip posted to YouTube, Kilmer took the opportunity to discuss some of the lesser-known features that most vehicles harbour, starting with the key fob.

“Did you know that many remote key fobs allow you to instantly roll down all the windows?” the expert asked his viewers. “Just press the unlock button once, release it, and then press the unlock button again, this time for five seconds.”

“This is quite common in many key fobs and it’s convenient, especially during the hot summers if you want to start letting out the interior heat before you start using your car.”

Fuel gauge

The second hack could prove helpful to new car owners or renters who don’t yet know which side of the car the gas tank is on. According to Scotty, the clue is straight in front of the driver, on the fuel gauge.

“The answer is right in front of you, just look at the fuel gauge indicator on your dashboard, there you will see an arrow pointing to the left or right to indicate which side your gas tank is located on,” he explained.

Drowsiness detector

Humans are bound to get drowsy when covering long distances on the road, so certain manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to help drivers stay awake behind the wheel.

“Did you know that three Japanese companies from Nissan to Honda to Toyota, and European manufacturers Volvo and Mercedes Benz have developed a system for detecting drowsiness when someone is driving?” Kilmer asked his viewers.

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The expert continued: “Car companies are developing various kinds of systems to help the drivers stay awake behind the wheel.”

The Mercedes steering wheel, for instance, has a built-in system that detects if you’re getting sleepy by learning your steering patterns and triggers vibrations in the steering wheel when a driver goes off-course. 

Emergency brake

Meanwhile, there is another system to help prevent or reduce accidents or collisons; the emergency brake assist.

“The fact is that many drivers in the moment of collision can free due to shock, like the proverbial ‘deer in the headlights’,” noted Kilmer.

As its name suggests, EBA is an active system that recognises cars, and pedestrians and signs and activates emergency brakes when a potential collision is detected.

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