New cameras that fine drivers for harsh braking could be rolled out across UK

UK drivers have been warned that a new kind of traffic camera could be rolled out across the road network to check the way that motorists are braking.

The cameras aim to detect drivers applying the brakes to quickly slow down to reach the legal limit for the road before reaching a speed camera.

It comes amid a number of crackdowns, including a new ยฃ200 fine for drivers breaking a very common and easy-to-breach law.

Gary Digva, founder of the dashcam manufacturer and safety campaign group Road Angel has highlighted that the cameras could lead to a reduction in motorists speeding.

He explained: โ€œIf introduced, these devices will catch and penalise more speeding motorists, encouraging more drivers to stick to legal limits and improve road safety.

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โ€œIt comes after the news that one in four fatal collisions occur due to speeding on UK roads. This means that over 2,500 people are seriously injured every year due to excessive speeds.โ€

Braking cameras were trialled in parts of Spain in 2020, alongside a cascading system, which features a radar system to detect if cars speed up after passing the camera.

The system is able to spot motoring violations happening up to 20 meters away and are largely undetectable to upcoming traffic.

Whilst there was some opposition to the trial, it has been considered a success, with around 3,000 radars now installed across Spain.

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Gary added that the cameras could be used to detect motorists who had been speeding, leading to more motoring convictions.

He continued: โ€œBy capturing drivers who slam on the brakes before passing the fixed speed camera, as well as using technology to apprehend motorists who speed up again after the camera, the new radar devices will be able to penalise many more motorists than current systems.

โ€œAlthough the fight goes on to reduce incidences of speeding on UK roads and accidents resulting from excess speed, we believe introducing this new technology to the UK will help keep roads safer.โ€

Whilst it is currently unclear how much drivers would have to pay if they were caught braking harshly before a speed camera, it is likely that the fines would be similar to getting caught by a speed camera.

The minimum fine a motorist faces for speeding is ยฃ100 with three penalty points on their licence, however, if a driver is going fast enough, they could be issued 12 points.

Drivers who passed their test under two years ago face even stricter rules, getting their licence revoked if they receive six points for speeding.

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