Visiting the Alfa Romeo Museum in Italy: My experience via pictures

It’s a large sprawling building around an 80 euro cab ride from Milano, in the direction of Lake Como on the road to the Italian Alps.

BHPian shankar.balan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Alfa Romeo has always been one of my favourite Car Marques. Forget what many people say about the brand, they somehow hold a timeless, visceral appeal and always will, for one such as me.

To echo the words of Jeremy Clarkson in his review, nay, his moving tribute to the glowingly gorgeous Alfa Romeo Disco Volante; while the name may mean Flying Saucer, to me, just as to him, the name will always bring memories of Emilio Largo, the Spectre Villain in the 1965 Bond Film Thunderball and his fantastic Hydrofoil Disco Volante.

All these years, I’ve collected many scale models of these cars. Lusting after that badge has always been a part of my DNA. So on our “Trip to Italy” in 2018, my wife and I rented a lovely Alfa Romeo Giulietta and roamed around as a “part-fulfillment” of the “dream”.

Finally having enjoyed the art, the sculpture, the museums, the sights, sounds, and tastes of the country across the length of it and after paying homage to Ferrari as true Tifosi ought to, found ourselves on a Frescia Train from Firenze to Milano, en route more cultural and fashion insights.

Of course, I’ve been lucky to travel to Italy a number of times, but whenever I hop onto a Trenitalia or Frescia Train at Firenze Centrale/ Milano Centrale and/ or Roma and wind my way through the rolling countryside, Bologna and all, I always remember the lovely 1965 film Von Ryan’s Express and the way the Allied POW’s commandeer the Train along with the Italians who had lost their taste for fighting, and wend their way past Milano onto the Lakes and up the Mountains towards Switzerland and Freedom. It never fails to infuse me with nostalgia (which by the way, in the original Greek, means “the pain from an old wound), to quote Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men in his Kodak Carousel pitch.

Anyway, I digress. Forgive me for that, but whenever I do get these fits of inspiration (and knock myself out of my lazy complacency) and start writing, I tend to ramble a bit.

A neat little Segue into the topic of Alfa Romeo and their beautiful Museum and the multiple pictures I took while there.

(Again, I won’t burden everyone with zillions of photos, but only my favourites, along with a little garnishing by way of commentary.)

It’s funny, but sitting down to type this, the memories seem to be flowing freely, aided admirably of course, by Messieurs Steve Jobs and Tim Cook and the Apple iCloud!

Rho Fiera – Arese.

It’s a large sprawling building around an 80 euro Cab ride from Milano in the direction of Lake Como on the road to the Italian Alps. I won’t bother repeating all the history which one can easily read on the internet. I’ll just share my special passion by way of curating the photos.

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