Faced an unexpected issue on my XUV700: Impressive response by Mahindra

In my extensive ownership history, this level of assistance and commitment stands unmatched by any other brand.

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In the latest chapter of my XUV 700 ownership journey, I embarked on a trip from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. Little did I know that this journey would unfold into an experience unlike any I’ve encountered in my years of driving.

As I cruised past Palghar, a sudden and unexpected alert on the MID caught my attention – the ominous red overheating icon began flashing. This incident came as a surprise, especially since the car had recently visited the service centre for a hose pipe gasket change recall.

Suspicion quickly settled on the gasket, and I promptly pulled over to investigate. Miraculously, the warning vanished as I stopped, and the temperature gauge returned to normal levels.

Upon opening the hood, my eyes were drawn to the sight of an empty coolant tank. Fortunately, I had parked near a fuel pump, providing me the opportunity to purchase two cans of coolant and replenish the reservoir. Seizing the moment, I decided to grab breakfast at a nearby restaurant. This interlude allowed the engine to cool down, granting me the chance to assess the extent of the leak.

While I enjoyed my meal, I reached out to my dependable contact at Mahindra. Following their advice, I set my sights on the nearest Mahindra service station โ€“ the Nanavati Mahindra in Boisar, a detour of 32 km from my location.

Fortuitously, the leak proved not to be severe, and the reservoir contained the fluid during our breakfast break. With a vigilant eye on the temperature gauge, I drove cautiously to Nanavati Mahindra, a journey underscored by a sense of anticipation.

By around 9:30 a.m., I arrived at the service centre. The Nanavati Mahindra team was already apprised of my situation and was primed for assistance. Swiftly, a diagnosis revealed that the leak originated from the main hose connecting the radiator to the engine, responsible for channelling hot coolant back to the radiator. A weakened hose edge, its mouth stretched from the tightening of a clip, had caused the gradual leak.

In an unexpected twist, the workshop lacked the replacement hose in its inventory, owing to its non-standard status. Through collaboration and resourcefulness, they located the required part at a Mumbai-based service centre. I was assured by both Mr. Appa, the Customer Relationship Manager, and Mr. Hemant, the Service Head, that they comprehended my situation of heading to Ahmedabad, pledging to expedite the process.

The team orchestrated a logistical ballet, arranging for the part’s transfer from Mumbai to their Vasai workshop through Porter. A representative journeyed from Boisar to Vasai to secure the part, which was subsequently transported back to the Boisar workshop. This logistical ballet unfolded over a span of 6-7 hours, during which the service centre personnel ensured my comfort in their waiting lounge, periodically updating me on the progress.

Finally, at around 5:00 p.m., the awaited part arrived and was promptly installed within 30 minutes. A swift trial run confirmed that the leak had been successfully stemmed. Given the lateness of the hour and my preference against nighttime driving, I settled for making it to Surat before calling it a day.

Embarking on the subsequent leg of my journey to Ahmedabad the following morning, a pleasant surprise awaited me. Mr Appa from Mahindra reached out to inquire about my safe arrival in Surat and the vehicle’s performance.

This incident was an unprecedented one for me, experiencing such an issue with a brand-new vehicle within such a short timeframe. It underscores the importance of Mahindra refining its quality control processes, as a coolant hose giving way in just two years of ownership is far from ideal.

However, amidst this unexpected hiccup, a silver lining emerged – my experience with the Mahindra Service team was truly commendable. Their efficiency, dedication, and proactive approach exemplify outstanding customer service. In my extensive ownership history, this level of assistance and commitment stands unmatched by any other brand.

In the end, while the coolant crisis was an unexpected adventure, it showcased both the challenges and the triumphs that can arise in the realm of car ownership. It’s a testament to the unforeseen journeys we navigate on the road and the incredible support that can arise when we least expect it.

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