Visited the lovely Heritage Transport Museum, a hidden gem in Gurugram

This is the first and I think one of a kind “museum” in India that has a collection of vintage cars, trains, trams, scooters, motorcycles, boats, palakis, and much more.

BHPian sach.sri recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Close your eyes and imagine a place with immaculate and pristine examples of vintage *transportation* modes. Multiple floors of gleaming, well maintained and shining examples from as long back as the early 1900s.

I can bet that your imagination will not take you to a small town outside of Gurgaon called Tauru. You will be imagining some faraway land and dreaming of setting foot in such a place.

If I told you that as near as 1 hr drive from GGN you can find such a place and that too maintained in participation of Govt. of India, I am sure no one would believe me. But that is what I found while looking for interesting things to do in and around GGN.

OMG! Fantabulous! Jhakaas are some words that come to my mind when describing the Heritage Transport Museum, a hidden gem that I stumbled across while browsing interesting things to do in and around GGN.

I am very attracted to offbeat places and as a petrolhead finding this was like finding pure Gold dust! or like hitting paydirt or any other exclamation / hyperbole you can think of.

I hope you can sense my excitement and inner child in me.

This place is super cool, something that everyone – from a child to a granddad (and mom) would love.

Enough gushing – coming to the point.

While searching for what one can do in GGN this Gandhi Jayanti weekend, came across a curious link – that of “Heritage Transport Museum”. Clicked on it out of curiosity and was astounded to see the kind of vintage car collections that they had.

This is the first and I think one of its kind “museum” in India that has a collection of vintage cars, trains, trams, scooters, motorcycles, boats, palakis, you name it and they had it; and on top, it was so very well maintained. For me, it was like being in Wonderland or like a kid who is let loose in a toy shop on Christmas.

Some logistics

  • Location

  • Website: pretty detailed and nicely put together. Reeks of “professionalism”
  • P.S. – no association, just giving information.
  • Opening hours: 10 am to 7 pm
  • Ticket: Rs. 400 per adult and 200 per child. They also organise school visits, etc – description on the website.
  • Time Required: I can easily spend half a day there (actually more)

We drove down to the museum on 1st Oct evening, it took us 1 hr to reach the place from our house in GGN.

The mistake that we made was leaving too little time – we reached just after 6 pm and had to rush through.

As mentioned, it is in a small town called Tauru near Manesar and as you exit NH 48 and turn into Tauru you are confronted with huge truck traffic as it looks like this is the place where all warehouses are for people like Delhivery (actually several huge warehouses for Delhivery), Pepperfry, Ecom Express and whatnot.

Bustling with activity, but with a small place feel – and the weather turning cooler and more wintry in the evenings gave us just the right amount of “romanticism”.

There is ample parking space. As you park and head out, you immediately start seeing the exhibition, it starts with this – awesomely maintained tractor.

Moving ahead – you see the building facade with an artwork made of traffic signals

This tram with nice ads and inside it had a screen with some infomercials being played

Gang posing happily in front of the traffic island

The evergreen DDLJ pose.

Enter the building and the first thing you notice is the F1 car on the wall

Ticket counter

Vignaharta! (both of them)

Ministry of culture


Continue reading about sach.sri’s experience at the museum for BHPian comments, insights and more information.

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