An owner’s take on the Jimny being projected as a niche lifestyle SUV

If Maruti pulls the plug on Jimny today, I would be the happiest person as I can sell the SUV after 2 years for more than the invoice price.

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My take on Jimny is projected as a niche and a lifestyle vehicle:

My yellow dual-tone alpha automatic yellow Jimny in Visakhapatnam is creating a lot of attention wherever I go especially on the beach road. People are stopping and taking selfies and even going to the extent of putting their kids on the bonnet. It looks like mine is one of the rare vehicles in Visakhapatnam. I have not seen another Jimny in Visakhapatnam so far on the road.

The questions asked by all are what is the on-road price, the car looks very stylish and the yellow colour is fantastic and is it comfortable ( itโ€™s more comfortable than Crysta if the tyre pressure in front is 26 and back 29 in stock tyres. Donโ€™t forget to do this after delivery as the factory puts 42 in all tyres by default) in the back seat. The valet parking guys are having a hard time protecting the Jimny and they are saying that they need to put a barricade around the vehicle.

I wouldn’t say I like this unnecessary attention and that is the reason why I bought my previous car Crysta Z automatic super white so as to sneak through without getting any attention like a Taxi.

Now coming to the actual usage of the so-called niche features sold by automobile companies like sunroof, 4 wheel drive, AWD hardwares, 3rd row seats etc are not actually utilised 90% of the time. These so-called lifestyle automobiles are bought by Indians as status symbols and to show off their wealth. I am also part of the crime as in my ownership of Scorpio and Crysta for more than 14 years, I never used the third row.

I hear all sorts of opinions about how to bring down the Jimny price to less than 10 lakhs, even suggesting soft top and comparing with Thar numbers ( Thar has many variants and we should compare only petrol hard top thar to petrol jimny hard top numbers). Why we do not discuss how to bring down Land Cruiser’s price to under 1 crore? In my opinion, buyers do not care about the price if one is obsessed with the charm the vehicle brings.

If for whatever reason Maruti pulls the plug on Jimny sales in India totally, I would be the happiest person as I can sell my Jimny after using it for 2 years for more than the invoice price (I sold my automatic diesel Crysta recently for more than invoice price after 2 years because Toyota has pulled the plug on diesel automatic).

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