Full carbon Kamm 912C targets 699kg kerbweight

Fed up of heavy new sports cars? Kamm's already lightweight 912 can now be made even lighter still…

By Matt Bird / Friday, 15 December 2023 / Loading comments

There’s a lot to like about the Kamm 912C: it looks great, it’s nicely made, it sounds brilliant and it offers up something a bit different in the restomod scene. For 2024, one of the Kamm’s most endearing aspects – its slender kerbweight, which helps it drive with such vim – can be reduced yet further with all-carbon bodywork. If all goes to plan, that’ll make for a 699kg car in fully road-legal spec. 

At present, the 912c makes use of semi-carbon panels; the Irish Green test car already seen used the black stuff for the bonnet, engine cover, front wings and doors. Now the roof and rear wings have joined in the fun, big panels that will have contributed to that significant weight saving. Buyers can opt for the fully exposed carbon seen here (which looks fantastic), or fully painted. Moreover, there are going to be some technical upgrades for the Kamm 912c in 2024, including better aero (for stability and refinement), new seats, improved infotainment and upgraded air-con. More power is coming for the flat-four as well, which is exciting – expect more details in the new year.

Founder Miki Kázmér said of the latest evolution: “I am a perfectionist and continuously seek innovative new ways to improve the 912c. Our new carbon fibre body is a great example of that, with perfect fit, incredible strength, and further weight saving. In addition, the 2024 912c will offer a range of enhancements to further enhance driving pleasure and give an even more rewarding ownership experience. We look forward to delivering the first client cars early into 2024 and will then show the world our new development car for evaluation later in the year.”

As is always the case, however, carbon doesn’t come cheap. Without a donor car, a Kamm 912c exactly like this one will cost €400,000, or just over £340,000. Hand over a 912 with the expectation of getting an all-carbon car back and that price is €360,000, or £309,000. The semi-carbon option remains available, all 750kg of it, for €40,000 less. Might be best to let Kamm deal with sourcing a donor car and pay the premium – the 912s on PH look too good to sacrifice…

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