Himalayan 450: Initial impressions including one annoying issue

Other people who were present at the Royal Enfield showroom also agreed with me.

BHPian GKU recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I attended the launch event at a showroom close to my home. Below are my first impressions / observations.

  • Beautiful bike, very good-looking I must say.
  • Well put together, as everyone is talking, compared to my 2014 Bullet 500, RE has come a very long way.
  • Weight distribution seems to have been managed well. Didn’t feel like 190+Kgs, felt very similar to the KTM 390 Adventure while picking it up from the side stand and while leaning (observation at a standstill โ€“ things can be very different while riding).
  • I asked the folks to rev the engine, it sounded sweet and very refined, slight buzz near the fuel tank, proper test ride would reveal the real story.


I felt this was somewhat important. Foot pegs were fouling with my legs and it was very annoying. It will be an issue in the city for sure. I tried with different seat heights, problem is very pronounced in the higher position and slightly reduced in the lower position (I am 5ft 9in). I also confirmed with a couple of other folks who were present, and everyone agreed that foot pegs were indeed fouling with their legs.


Observe the foot pegs fouling with my legs

Foot peg fouling clear picture

Looked very compact for a 450cc

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