Quick update on my Toyota Innova Hycross Hybrid after 7,000 km

The stock Goodyear Triplemax tyres offer decent grip when it’s dry but it’s barely adequate in wet conditions.

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Had a good time hitting the hills this weekend. The more I drive this car, the more I love it.

The well-calibrated steering is effortless but also manages to offer a decent feel and feedback despite being an EPS. The Hycross hides its weight well and there is barely any side-to-side bodyroll going into corners. There is a noticeable nose dive when you brake but it is still rather low by MUV/SUV standards and quite manageable. Braking too is quite sure-footed and nice, with it switching seamlessly between regenerative braking and traditional disc braking. Even if you brake hard, the car still manages to regenerate some energy. It’s all very confidence-inspiring and tempts you into pushing things a bit more.

The stock Goodyear triplemax tyres offer decent grip when it’s dry but it’s barely adequate in wet conditions. Once it started raining, the weight of the cross started to make itself apparent and I had to brake much earlier and go gently into curves, with a considerably higher margin of error. The urge to upgrade to some premium rubber is getting stronger.

It’s now been 7000 kms with the Hycross hybrid. I find myself driving more than I used to, covering long distances and back without a care, and still not feeling tired. Normally a trip like this would leave me drained and I wouldn’t go out again soon but I was right back at it the next day. I definitely made the right choice when it came to picking a car to drive for hours without a care.

On the negative side, the poor quality of the plastics used in the interiors is starting to become more apparent. There is now a squeak when I push on the plastic trim around the buttons on the steering wheel. Very annoying, I will be posting a video of it later when I have time.

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