Honda Elevate drive impressions: Few important pros & cons for buyers

The engine felt much better than Maruti’s K15C and city driveability was better than VW’s 1.0 TSI.

BHPian Djay recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got a chance to test drive the Honda Elevate yesterday. It was a fairly decent test drive covering open road stretches as well as city traffic, good enough to get an idea of the capabilities of the car and the engine. The variant distribution as per the attached brochure shared by SA confirms the one that was leaked and seems final.



Overall this is a decent all-rounder without excelling in anything. That’s why it has to undercut the competition by a fair margin to attract attention. The SV variant of the City is better specced than the V variant of the Elevate. So ideally the Elevate SV variant should start at 9.99 or max 10.25 lakhs with the V variant coming to 11.25 lakhs. Honda has a tough job pricing this by under-cutting the City as well as the competition. If Honda over-prices this one, it will be another failure. Honda has tried with a decent attempt and hopefully will not screw it up with the pricing.

PS: The Phoenix Orange colour is properly metallic and not like the old Jazz orange. Plus it’s available only on VX and ZX as per the attached brochure. Also attaching an image of the colour palette. Except for the orange one, all colours are carried forward from the City.

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