Finally found a good 2012 VW Phaeton V6: Should I buy it for 10 lakh?

It drives like a dream. The AC needs to be fixed but other than that I don’t see any issue with the car.

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I’ve always been a fan of the VW Phaeton and found a good 2012 V6 in good condition available for 10L. Is it worth investing in the car since I’ve only heard voices of concern and caution about it so far?

I also know those problems were during the production when Ferdinand Piech was alive. I read that the problems were looked at and the Phaeton that hit 2009 were the watered-down version of what Piech had in mind but yet largely resolved and had parts from Passat and the Touareg. Is this true?

In that case, can I go for this since I’ve already test drove the car and it drives like a dream. AC needs to be fixed but other than that I don’t see any issue with the car.

Need some light on this from the experts. Kindly help.

BTW I had a VW Vento for 10 years before I sold it a while back and was searching for Phaeton for a long time and found it in the market recently and don’t want to lose this window.

Here’s what GTO had to say about the matter:

Too complex, too old, too unreliable = avoid even if he gives it to you for half the money.

Your last car was a Vento. Buy a safer example that will still be a HUGE upgrade from your Vento. A pre-owned Octavia, 3-Series etc.

Here’s what BHPian Ferruccio had to say about the matter:

Invest in a car? Unless you run the car as a taxi or buy an old barnyard find Bugatti, restore it to Pebble Beach levels and flip it for a million dollars you never INVEST in a car. Cars are always vacuum cleaners for money and we buy them because we love cars and want to burn some money. With that general madness out of the way let us address your particular brand of madness.

I was the Product Head at VW when the stuck RHD Phaetons were to be dumped on India. “Over my dead body” was my answer. The words used when despite my objections the vehicles were sent to India will be fresh in the memory of those who were present in the meeting. So I know what I am saying when I conclude with one wordโ€ฆ DON’T!

Here’s what BHPian Turbohead had to say about the matter:

No way! Your risk appetite is crazy TBH.

The Phaeton is a very rare car and I assume getting parts will be a nightmare. Plus, it’s an S-class rivalling car, so the cost of parts will be equally high, if not more.

If it’s a project car you want to enjoy, why not a reliable variant of a Mercedes E/S class? I’m pretty sure parts will be easily available.

Here’s what BHPian DicKy had to say about the matter:

There is a reason why Touaregs and Phaetons of that generation have resale values that would plunge like anything. They are simply over engineered for the sake of it and even simple tasks end up being nightmares. For starters, I may ask you to find out how the AC can be repaired. Should be a good sign of how further repairs would pan out.

Of course, all depends on your risk of appetite. IMO, unless you are a VAG fan and it is one of those V8, V10, W12 models (were they sold in India?) that you can hold onto until they appreciate for novelty’s sake, it is just money spent on a car that may either be a beauty to own or one error away from being written off.

Here’s what BHPian ajmat had to say about the matter:

Today is Sept 11th, do you want to repeat another tragedy today? You will need to find a Bentley mechanic for this.

The AC is complex, meant to cool the car at 50 degrees outside to a chilling 20 degrees. Dr Ing. Piech disliked air con blowers and the AC is programmed to cool specific areas using specific vents opening and closing appropriately.

The engine is okay. Car has 2 batteries and a complex electrical system.

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