Oil spillage under my Ford Endeavour: Is it safe to drive long distance

The nearest Ford service centre is 60km Mehsana and 90km Ahmedabad.

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Good morning to the entire community and Happy Diwali.

My vehicle is 2019 3.2 facelift version. It has been driven for 75,000 kms with out any issue.

Due to vacation i have came to my hometown which is 90 kms away from Ahmedabad. I have not driven the car for 2 days untill yestarday when i move the car i saw oil spillage under the bonnet. This is the first time i am experiencing something like this from my car. The car is not showing any error though.

I have 2 important questions. The nearest Ford service centre is 60km Mehsana and 90km Ahmedabad. Is it safe to drive the car for that long distance ?

And the second i will still stay till Wednesday at my hometown due to festivals so is there any way to stop the leakage temporary will be help of local garage ( though i dont like the idea of local mechanics to make any changes in engine)

Any suggestions and advice would be thankful.

Attaching the photos for more info:

BHPian DEVINA4WD replied:

In my 2016 , 3.2 Endeavour 4WD, I faced a similar issue of oil leakage, though the amount of oil leaking was less compared to yours.

I took it to Ford Service and on visually checking it was diagnosed by them as a Rear Main Seal leak. The engine oil level had not dropped much. However, they said that with time, the amount of oil leaking can increase with the seal becoming weaker. So I asked them to change the Rear Main Seal. There are many videos on YouTube regarding these type of leakages.

The Service Center had to backorder the Rear Main Seal as well Bolts for the Transmission. The whole transmission had to be taken apart to access the Rear Main Seal. Special tools are necessary for this job, a local mechanic may not have the required tools. I meanwhile asked them to replace the Transmission Fluid, to which they said they will not as it’s just 4 years old, and only 11K driven.

It took a week for the parts to arrive. They sent me pics of the Transmission Uninstalled and the location of the Rear Main Seal. The parts cost was about 2K to 3K, but the Labour cost was about 9K. Seeing the amount of work and special equipment required as well the Endeavour being hanging on the Car Bay for 10 days with Transmission out, the cost was justified.

The work was done properly, I took the old bolts and Rear Main seal from them. Since then I often look below for oil leaks and haven’t found any.

The mechanic at Ford had advised me not to keep the 3.2 engine on idle for more than 5min, at a stretch. It was COVID period then (2020) and instead of driving it around we would keep it on idle for 15 to 20 minutes, this could have caused the oil leak. There are many reasons as per the internet to cause the issue.

So far I have no further leakage. I do every month open the Bonnet and keep checking the engine oil level just to be assured since then.

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