98000km up on my Linea T-Jet: Preventive maintenance & other updates

Changed the gearbox side engine mount as it had became quite brittle.

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98000 km update:

Happy Diwali:

Drove to Raipur for Diwali and also visited Jagannath temple in Puri. This total trip added around 3300 kms to the tally.

Drove on Samruddhi Mahamarg for the first time and it is truly marvelous. I was able to reach home in flat 14 hours(1035kms) despite below average road conditions of NH53 between Bhandara,MH – MH/CG border. It always was minimum 18-19 hours earlier.

Early morning start:

On Samruddhi Expressway:

In Odisha, TJETโ€™s maiden visit:


The stock clutch at 98000 kms is finally showing sign of age and is hardened quite a bit. I am planning to get it changed soon since office has become a 5 day affair now.

Changed the gearbox side engine mount as it had became quite brittle. I am planning to change the engine mount near timing belt as well.

The mount, old one can be seen lying on floor:

A different guest:

The strut pads stock for left suspension are still coming defective and company is looking at some different vendors to procure the part.

Apart from this preventive maintenance, the Linea is performing exceptionally well. Hope this continues further.

The milestone:

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