Audi unveils ‘Ice Race Edition’ RS e-tron GT

Just four IREs are coming to the UK, priced from £150k

By Matt Bird / Monday, 11 December 2023 / Loading comments

We’ve all heard of the limited edition named after rallies and championships and circuits, but this is a new one: this Audi RS e-tron GT is named after the Austrian GP Ice Race. Appropriately enough, it’s called the Ice Race Edition. 

You might have noticed the Ice Race, which takes place in Zell am See, has become more popular in recent years with social media types. It was relaunched in 2019, with lots of skidding about on ice in classic cars, but can actually trace its competitive roots back to 1952. This new RS e-tron GT aims to “pay homage to the thrilling motorsport atmosphere and the spirit of past racing legends, while looking to the future.”

The colour scheme is bespoke to this 99-unit limited edition. All are based on a Florett Silver metallic RS with the black carbon roof, then wrapped in a foil featuring silver and white accents (like snow crystals and ice lakes, they say) as well as violet (because that references ski goggles). It looks better than we’ve made that sound, but four purple Audi rings on each door might be a bit much. Black contrast is provided by the 21-inch wheels and window tints. 

There’s more silver and purple inside, from floor mat to seat back. There are Audi exclusive insignias in the alcantara door trim to show off this isn’t just any old RS e-tron GT, and the build plaque that every limited edition must have is now part of the MMI screen. To think we’ve teased them all this time, and now it’s sad when one’s gone. In place of the physical item there’s a new background display with the serial number of the car in the bottom left screen. More purple is available in the ambient lighting. 

Though mechanically unchanged from the standard RS e-tron GT – 646hp on overboost, 3.3 seconds to 62mph, an ‘everyday driving range’ of 295 miles – the Ice Race Edition does have loads of optional equipment thrown in. UK customers will get a Bang & Olufsen stereo upgrade, front Sport Seats Pro plus all the driver assistance packs. No skis, though, sadly. The IRE is pitched as a demonstration of what Audi Design can do working alongside the Audi exclusive personalisation programme, the latter of which is nearing its 30th birthday. And is there, usually, for such endeavours as painting an R8 Deep Green Pearl and pairing it with Cognac leather. Perhaps this e-tron GT is a trial, testing the (icy) water for demand as far as lavish special editions go. 

Speaking of which, that lucky quartet of UK customers will be asked to part with £150k for an Ice Race Edition, or £30k more than the standard range kicks off at. For those that value the special status, it seems. “UK Audi customers who secure one of these very special ice race editions of the e-tron GT will not only benefit from a combination of power, performance and dynamics that is nothing short of extraordinary and does full justice to the RS badge, but also from a degree of exclusivity that is truly exceptional,” said Audi UK Director Andrew Doyle. “With only four UK-specific examples of this striking embellishment of our beautiful electric sports car scheduled for production, this really will be the rarest of gems.” There’s nothing in the press release about cars being allocated just yet, so presumably all four Ice Race Editions remain available – move fast!     

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