FIA President hints at Subaru’s return to WRC

Subaru left the World Rally Championship in 2008, citing a financial downturn.

According to media reports, FIA President Muhammed Ben Sulayem has hinted that Subaru could make a return to the World Rally Championship (WRC) in the future.

The FIA President stated that Subaru’s name came up during his meeting with former Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda. Ben Sulayem mentioned that Toyota, which owns a stake in Subaru, could provide them with an engine, eliminating a major roadblock for Subaru to re-enter the series.

Ben Sulayem, stated, “It’s not a secret I had a good meeting with Mr Akio Toyoda, and I asked him what we can do [about enticing more manufacturers into the WRC] and I listened to someone who is passionate. And he mentioned Subaru.” He further added, “They own a percentage of Subaru and they are going to support an initiative of Subaru entering. And I feel someone like him, when he speaks, he speaks with confidence.”

Subaru left the World Rally Championship in 2008, citing a financial downturn, ultimately shutting down its signature racing program. During its time in rallying, Subaru won three WRC driver’s championships and three manufacturer titles with the Prodrive-rn Subaru World Rally Team.

Having said that, the news isn’t a confirmation of the brand’s return, but rather just the first step. Ben Sulayem didn’t provide any timeline for Subaru’s return.

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