Mahindra Thar: Instrument cluster randomly restarts on the move

What happens here is nothing but a problem in the system which Mahindra has failed to identify.

BHPian batish recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Guys, a little bit of background first. The problem I have captured is of Early 2022 Thar – Diesel 4WD HT. On an average it runs 65 kms everyday. I experience this cluster issue every single day, sometimes even twice. Since I travel on the same route and it takes similar time everyday I know about when would this warning/bug appear. On that basis, I have recorded these for 3 days which you can check from Kilometre readings as well.

I am not a good editor in any way so have tried what I could. I have slowed down the same clip in the second part for better reference and understanding.

Hope, somebody from Mahindra is reading this and proactively issues a recall and fix this.

I know some would say that DPF system is running and doing its job when this light comes. Alright, if that is the case then atleast they could have made a non-beeping reminder on MID saying DPF is running and a little symbol somewhere on the console would light up till it is done.

Here are the videos:

Instrument cluster auto-restart

What happens here is nothing but a problem in the system which Mahindra has failed to identify. Instrument Console automatically restarts without any single input from the driver. It even happens on perfectly well laid road so loose connections can be ruled out.

Below is the second one which shows a very brief warning about DPF but it goes away in fraction of a second.

Restart with brief DPF warning

Here is the third one too. Just shot on a different day.

Here’s what BHPian wooka had to say on the matter:

What Batish spoke of above is true as of date.

The instrument cluster had a few issues that I can speak to:

1. DPF momentary flash and warning sound. Happened with me today. Happens on average every 300-500 kms. It’s really unnerving. Happens when I’m doing 100 steady.

2. Random restarts. I’d say on average every 5k kms.

3. HDC and ESP telltale until I restart the car. In average every 5k kms. Common issue with the scorpio N.

Meanwhile, I will say that besides the one off incident I wrote about in Leh, and that was due to an engine harness recall which could have been done proactively, I have as yet to face even a partially clogged DPF in 32k kms. This just on an unrelated note =) though the engine showed a little starting trouble today at 4000 m elevation at 4*C. I often do altitude. Since the SN came home, the Thar’s been less active on the highway.

Here’s what BHPian Blueuninja had to say on the matter:

I am also facing this issue in my July’23 Thar Petrol AT where instrument cluster restarts within a split second and everytime this issue occurred I was at a very low speed (10-15 km/hr).

Another issue I have been facing is a random notification chime that comes on for 9-10 seconds and then stops.

There were no error notifications, doors were locked, seatbelt tucked in and tyre pressure was optimum. I am unable to reproduce this issue in service centre but I was able to find a video on Reddit.

Here’s what BHPian AMG1 had to say on the matter:

This problem i have been facing since the past 1.5 years (from the delivery day) in my 2022 Thar D-AT. Random off and on of instruments in every 300km. As always, ASS has no answer and loves to pretend clueless. So, as for many other niggles in Thar, I have come to ignore this as well and pass it off as harmless one of the hundreds of niggles. I am sure, at some point of time, there will be a recall but till then just enjoy your ride!

As I always say, Is your car even a Thar without any unexplained niggles?

On a side note- I too changed the parts mentioned in the above posts under recall. The ASS themselves suggested me when I took my car for 20k servicing, The HVAC ECU software wasn’t available at the center and I am promised to be catered for it in the coming months.

Here’s what BHPian Jeroen had to say on the matter:

Very irritating ! There could be several reasons for such a problem. Random faults are rarely software, but more likely hardware related. E.g. a poor connection, loose connector, bend pin or something along these lines.

Not sure how the display is mounted on the Thar. Is it pushed into electrical connectors? That is known area for these sort of issues on quite a few cars!

Here is a very simple trick. Push with flat hands against the display. If that makes it happen less, you can be sure it is related to the connectors on the back of the display.

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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