LT7 Turbo Engine Appears in GM Parts Catalog. Is It For The Corvette ZR1?

A lot of digital ink has been used to write rumors pertaining to what sort of engine the hotly anticipated Corvette ZR1 is going to use. We finally might have a good understating of the powertrain in question thanks to an item included in the GM Parts catalog discovered by the folks at the Mid Engine Corvette Forum. As seen in the screenshot below, an “LT7” is listed as an eight-cylinder gasoline engine with a 5.5-liter displacement.

Deciphering the subsequent acronyms is quite easy as “DI” stands for direct injection while “VVT” is variable valve timing. As for “AFM,” it means active fuel management, but it’s apparently not planned for the Corvette ZR1 despite being listed in the GM Parts catalog. The LT6 doesn’t have cylinder deactivation tech, and insiders claim the LT7 is unlikely to add it. The leak still doesn’t confirm whether the engine is getting the Z06’s flat-plane crankshaft or not.

Equally interesting is the “M1K” codename for the gearbox, which is different than the “M1M” used by the Z06, the “M1L” of the regular Stingray, and the “MLH” installed in the E-Ray. Given the extra oomph provided by forced induction, one can presume “M1K” is a beefier transmission able to cope with the additional power.

Adding a pair of turbos is rumored to increase output to 850 hp and 825 lb-ft to create the most powerful Corvette ever. However, its status as the beefiest variant could be short-lived since Chevy is allegedly planning an even hotter Zora with a twin-turbo hybrid V8 producing as much as 1,000 hp and 975 lb-ft, according to a Hagery report from early 2021. Add into the mix the already-confirmed fully electric Corvette, and the future looks bright for the American supercar.

Meanwhile, the Corvette ZR1 is expected to land next year as a 2025MY and command a significant premium over the Z06, which kicks off at $112,700 for the 2024MY.

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