See The Ford Ranger Raptor Set Oddly Specific Guinness Record

It would probably take us the better part of the day to list all of Paul Swift’s records since the stunt driver has more than a few awards under his belt. At the British Motor Show in August, he set a record for the fastest time to complete five stunts, using a Ford Focus ST and a Mustang Dark Horse to do a litany of maneuvers in 57.21 seconds.

That wasn’t enough to exhaust all the adrenaline going through his body as it didn’t take him too long to get behind the wheel of an entirely different Ford for an entirely different record. Earlier this month, while driving the latest Ranger Raptor, Paul set an oddly specific (as many of them are these days) Guinness World Record by completing the tightest gap driven through by a pickup truck on two wheels.

2023 Ford Ranger Raptor

You can imagine it wasn’t an easy task to accomplish, not only because of the truck’s sheer size but also due to the weather since it was particularly windy that day. The gap between those two yellow poles was only 34.6 inches and Paul says the ramp used to get the truck on two wheels had to be strengthened to support the Ranger Raptor’s hefty weight. He had driven the truck on previous occasions and was already familiar with how it behaved, pointing out it has “quite a lot of suspension travel” since it’s an off-road focused four-wheel drive vehicle.

44-year-old Paul has been performing stunts since the age of seven, starting off with the family’s lawn mower. He currently holds four Guinness World Records – the two we mentioned, and also for the tightest parallel park in an EV and for most donuts around a motorcycle performing a wheelie in one minute.

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