Last chance to win PH Project Car!

Competition to win our Mk5 Golf GTI track car closes this Sunday. Here's how to enter

By Cam Tait / Monday, 30 October 2023 / Loading comments

It’s been a while since we talked about PH Project Car. No, it’s not gone into exile since its narrow(ish) defeat to the more powerful, more advanced and much more expensive VW Golf R 20 Years around Curborough sprint course in the series finale. Instead, it’s been on tour at the last few Sunday Services as we gear up to hand it over to one lucky PHer in the coming weeks. Oh, you haven’t entered the competition yet? Good thing you’ve still got a week to get your entry in, then.

If you’ve got no idea what we’re on about, a quick refresher: we teamed up with eBay earlier this year to see if we could turn a Mk5 VW Golf GTI in a Mk8 Golf R beater on track for £10,000 – that sum including the car. Despite using 50 per cent of the budget to buy our Golf, we managed to pack in new brakes, coilovers, tyres and a handful of engine upgrades that saw power jump from 200hp to upwards of 270hp. Alas, neither myself nor Porsche Carrera Cup GB Pro-Am champion Charles Rainford could overhaul the R in the end – but we got mighty close, as you’ll see in the vid. 

With the GTI now fully built – and the pimply bodywork now dealt with – it’s time for PH Project Car to find a new home. And that’s where you come in. All you need to do is follow the link here, enter the competition and you could be the owner of a blisteringly fast Golf GTI that’ll embarrass pretty much everything on a track day (assuming no Mk8 Golf Rs have turned up). Just make sure to grip the wheel extra tight – that beige leather is mighty slippy on the limit.

You’ve got until Sunday 5th November at 11:59pm to get your answer in and, with any luck, we’ll be handing over PH Project Car to its new owner at our final Sunday Service of the year at Thruxton on 3rd December. Good luck!

This series is presented in partnership with eBay. Shop for motoring parts and accessories here. To be in with a chance of winning our project car, click here, answer the question and cross your fingers. You’ve got until 11:59 on 5th November to get your answer in.

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