Jaguar bids farewell to F-Type with V8 ZP Edition

Officially the last petrol Jaguar sports car ever celebrates racing E-Types

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, 11 October 2023 / Loading comments

So this is it, then. After 10 years – and a whole lot of fun in the process – these are the last Jaguar F-Types. The last petrol Jaguar sports cars, no less, which is momentous for a company of such history when it comes to two-door, two-seat driving machines, all the way back to the XK120. But the only constant is change, and Jaguar will be an all-electric brand the year after next. So the F-Type, and its combustion powered shenanigans, must go. Sob. 

To bid it farewell, Jaguar has created the ZP Edition. There will be just 150 of them, available in two SV Bespoke liveries that mirror those seen on the E-Type ZP Collection cars shown last year. There’s Oulton Blue with a Mars Red and Ebony interior, or Crystal Grey with Navy Blue and Ebony inside. Both get the Porcelain White roundels (hand painted, in fact) and grille surrounds. We’re going to assume that both Coupe and Roadster can be had in either colourway, though the SV Bespoke paint finishes are unique to the ZPs.  Note also the ZP Edition badges on the wings, diamond turned 20-inch wheels and interior plaque. It’s modest by the standards of final editions (and most certainly by those ending 75 years of sports car heritage), but then Jaguar has rather more on its plate for the moment than 150 F-Types. 

Every ZP Edition will be a V8, the flagship 575hp derivative sending the F-Type off in appropriately rambunctious fashion. All-wheel drive means 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds, and the top speed is 186mph. Jaguar suggests this car is an ‘unrepeatable celebration of Jaguar’s internal combustion sports car provenance’, which a run through the first few gears will probably have buyers agreeing with. The F-Type has never been perfect, but that supercharged 5.0-litre has undoubtedly plastered a lot of smiles across faces over the past decade. 

Of the 150 ZP Editions that will be made, just 10 are being allocated for the UK market, so it’ll be an exceptionally rare F-Type. A price hasn’t been released; Quite A Lot would probably be a safe estimate, given these are the last petrol powered Jaguar sports cars ever. There are probably 10 VIP customers that can be contacted who would like one regardless of the cost. (For what it’s worth, facelift P575s are available from £60k, which seems incredible value.) Once these ZPs are built, that’s it, and any future Jaguar sports car will be battery powered – maybe they could call it the E-Type…

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