37,000 km with a Honda Jazz CVT: Total mileage & annual service update

They also added a “Evaporator Cleaning” and charged me 3k for it. I got it removed.

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Honda Jazz 37k Update

35k Update Here

Needed to get the HSRP Plate fixed for the Jazz and thought that I will get the now annual service also done.

While there were a couple of irritating issues, I decided to just get a basic service and be done.

Things that need to be done but were not:

  • Horn changes tone like a pubescent teen. Relay is probably shot.
  • The rear hatch door, on the other hand, belongs to a senile car. It does not fully rise
  • The rear wiper is like a teen ager – it is recalcitrant. Does a half ass job of cleaning

On the other hand, I explicitly told them not to do anything that I do not explicitly authorize. (There is a new scam around this; more on that later) Accordingly, I authorized engine oil replacement and regular maintenance.

What was done

  • I booked for the HSRP plates via the siam.in site and it was ready. (I got a message the previous day that it was installed!). It is very irritating that there is no official place to check if the laser tag on the plate is actually mapped to the car in question. Or to the registration even. Other than that, the HSRP installation went quite smoothly

Service details:

They also added a “Evaporator Cleaning” and charged me 3k for it. I got it removed.

The scam?

Remember I told you that he showed me a list of services that I approved? After that the SA sent me ‘the same’ sheet on mail. When I went to collect the car, they said we have sent what we agreed on mail and hence you have to pay as it is “authorized by you”.

I blew a gasket and rained blue fire on them.

They removed it.


(Sorry for screaming. Had to get it off my chest)

I also asked for the report from the Honda diagnostic scan (โ‚น 650). After I asked they ran it and gave me screenshots (!). Attached below. I am reasonably certain they did not run it before as I have a OBD port tool to close the doors automatically. It was still on the port when I asked for the scan.

The ‘diagnostic report’ below:

DTC = “Digital Trouble Code”, apparently


Basic Stats


The car is excellent.

The service is technically ok but absolutely no honesty at all. Not sure if any other Honda dealer would be any better.

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