Interceptor 650 mods: Got a high-quality air filter other than K&N, BMC

For Rs 4,000 with the stage 2 plate, I am very happy with the quality of the product and its performance so far.

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Air filter update:

Amazon agreed to take back the Schorl air filter and refund the amount despite this being done outside the return period window. That’s amazing service for Amazon, the defective product was just picked up today.

Yesterday I dropped in to BikeNBiker and installed the NGage air filer and the Ngage stage 2 plate. This is a genuine high-quality product. The filter requires oiling and I will most likely buy the cleaning and oiling kit from the Ngage website. This needs to be done every 8k-10k kms. The stage 2 plate is made of stainless steel or aluminium and is a high-quality product again. For the price of 4k with the stage 2 plate, I am very happy with the quality of the product and its performance so far. The BMC and K&N air filters cost more than double the price. Ngage also owns the MotoWings brands. This is the website for the product. It includes a maintenance document and a Dyno chart.

If you are looking for a dry filter, I would suggest the one from Way2Speed.

Attached are some pictures of the Ngage and the well-built stock filter for your reference. I tagged Schorl on Instagram but have yet to hear back from them. Seems like the owners of Schorl do not care about customer satisfaction or their brand. Thankfully Amazon is offering me a full refund.

Stock Filter – Rs 375 for the RE air filter for the Interceptor. High quality product, full metal body, foam inserts and well-finished metal joints. Right now being used a pen stand.

Ngage Filter – High quality air filter and 2 stage 2 plate. Great build quality, packaging and customer support. At Rs 3000 + 900 this is half the price of the BMC and K&N filters.

Ngage Dynochart

The guys at BikeNBiker suggested I install the stage 2 plate and not worry about water ingress in the rain. They said Himalayans have this issue not the 650s. So that’s how it is running and the stage 2 Ngage air filter in combination with the Powerage short slip ons and the Fuel X Pro has transformed the bike. Blip the throttle and the exhaust barks and the motorcycle is flying – accelerates to 100 much quicker and with the Fuel X Pro on the 8th to 9th setting I feel the torque has increased, it sounds better, runs quicker and cooler. Overall, I am now super satisfied with the performance of the Ceptor. I think I am going to need replacement brake pads soon with how fast the bike has become. It is not frantic just louder and faster – more character and I love it.

Next mods would be the Powerage big bore headers and then probably suspension and tyres in slow progression.

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