My Skoda Slavia DSG: Key observations over 4 months & 7500 kms

I also took the car to the mountains, and the car is just a treat to drive on the twisties.

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4-month, 7500km Update on My Slavia:

I have done a few road trips in the car now, across every imaginable weather and road conditions, and the car has not faltered even once.


I have the 1.5 DSG, and this car has some serious appetite for miles. Every time I drive it, the performance just blows me away. On foot-down, the pull from the engine is linear and it doesn’t stop pulling.

I’ve had multiple opportunities to drive on the Delhi-Dausa stretch of the Delhi-Mumbai expressway, and even when fully loaded, the car is just effortless at cruising between 100-120 kmph.

I’ve gotten used to cruise control and now use it quite generously, and it shows in the economy of the car. I’m usually able to extract 2-2.5 kmpl more than when I drive (talk about a heavy foot).


I also took the car to the mountains, and the car is just a treat to drive on the twisties. The steering, though lacking feel, is quite direct and predictable; the brakes are sharp, and acceleration is brisk. All these elements help your confidence in driving and enjoying the car better.

In fact, what I’ve realized is that the car is a lot more capable than my ability to push it. Whatever I’ve thrown at it, it delivers without ever showing a sign of stress.


The seats in this car are quite underrated, and I really think these are one of the better seats to spend your day driving in. The seats themselves are very ideally shaped, and because of their and the steering’s wide range of adjustability, it is very easy for anyone to get into a comfortable driving position.

One feature that I did not expect to stand out was ventilated seats, and I have been absolutely loving and using it extensively during almost all of my drives.

Till now, there have been no rattling sounds from the interiors (fingers crossed).

I also love the calibration of the auto headlamps and wipers. I used to think it’s a gimmick, but this entire rainy season I’ve never had to manually use the wipers, and the issue of figuring out the ideal wiper speed in uneven rainfall has just ceased to exist.

Few things I’d have liked better in the car:

LED turn signals and fog lamps (halogen bulbs just look cheap now).

More utility from the digital instrument cluster (we all know most new VAG products can display maps and other info there, so why not these?)

TPMS that actually shows tire pressure instead of a low-pressure warning.

Other Updates:

I’ve been using 95-octane fuel for the car almost exclusively, and the lifetime economy figures are as follows:

  • City: 10 kmpl
  • Highway: 16 kmpl
  • Mountains: 12 kmpl

In the city, I use auto stop-start, and unlike a lot of you, I haven’t turned it off. Surprisingly, it has worked quite predictably and consistently for me.

All in all, this car makes an excellent tourer, and it has made my ownership experience quite joyful. It’s fairly efficient, supremely capable, you can fit your entire house in the boot with space left, and the ground clearance gives you confidence to never worry about the roads (or lack thereof) where you’re going.

Attaching a few images for your viewing pleasure:

Rest stop on Delhi Mumbai expressway.

Cooling tower somewhere in Rajasthan.

Somewhere between Mussourie and Dehradun.

Near empty stretch of Del-Mum expressway between Dausa to Sawai Madhopur.

Outskirts of Dehradun.

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