Hyundai Exter AMT: Mileage, NVH and high-speed stability on highways

I highly recommend it to be used as a primary city car as well as a vehicle that can be used for 500 km per day expressway runs.

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Dear all,

Today I took my Exter (SX AMT) for its first highway run (Jaipur to Delhi on the Delhi Mumbai Expressway). It exceeded my expectations in terms of high speed, acceleration, NVH and mileage too.

I got 20.3 kmpl for the first 80kms where I drove at 80kmph max speed. Then on the Expressway, I maintained a consistent 100-110 kmph, the mileage I got was 17.7 kmpl.

Regarding acceleration, reaching 0 to 100 kmph was reasonably OK. Not going into 0 to 100 timing, it is as good as other cars. My other car is Skoda Rapid 1.6 TDI which is a different beast altogether. But when you drive ‘normally’, this modest Exter is all the same. You will feel the difference only when you want to reach Delhi from Jaipur in 2 hrs. Hope you all understand what I mean.

Regarding NVH, there is no comparison of 1.2P and Rapid’s 1.6D. All I want to say is – God bless petrol engines.

High speed stability was good, no nervousness at all. I used cruise control at 110 kmph for approx 400 kms (both side).

High seating position gives a good view. After a 650 km drive in one day, I am not feeling tired at all.

Speaker quality is average at best.

I am more than happy with the Exter and I highly recommend it to be used as a primary city car as well as a car that can be used for highway runs of 500kms in a day.

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