My preowned Ducati Panigale 959: Yearly service & installing new parts

have been adding parts which can help, so this time the focus was just to make sure to add the parts which will help it run cooler.

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It’s been sometime I updated the thread as Mark 13 has been running happily and there was nothing special to report or update the thread.

It was time for yearly service last month and as always every yearly service I decide to add a couple of parts to the Mark 13 and this time I was determined to add performance parts. Brembo RCS19 corsa corta which I had added last time made an amazing difference to the braking of the bike.

The servicing was done at Indimotard this time and I opted for there Gold service package which includes the below checkup.

The service was routine affair and rear brake pads, rear wheel bearings and Sprocket bearing were replaced. Good I went with Gold service as that is the only service in which they remove the wheel and check for bearings. Went with Putoline Engine Oil this time.


So in my quest to see how I can make this bike run a bit cooler, I have been adding parts which can help, so this time the focus was just to make sure to add the parts which will help it run cooler, hence I decided to add the below two parts.

Samco Hose Pipes with Samco Clips.

Titanium Midpipe to decat the bike and make the last time installed Slip on convert into full system.

Installation for both was done at Indimotard, though I found the cost of accessories installation at a bit higher side, I am very happy with the worksmanship and how I was kept informed during Installation. During Installation I got to know that the servo buddy that I had got from US is not going to fit as sockets are different for EU spec bike compared to US bike. Had to order Healtech servo Eliminator to take care of the check engine light.

US Servo Buddy:

Healtech Servo buddy:

Bike getting the midpipe installed, notice the samco pipes Installed.

Bike has really come in it’s own after the full system Installation and now breathes fire (literally) and makes pops and crackles when you cut off the throttle at speeds, it is an Aural experience and a sure shot invitation for cops to come looking for you. The bike sounds very loud during cold starts and then settle downs in a decent Aural experience, I will be putting the DB killers back though.

A screenshot taken at the right time, just for fun.

More then the Aural experience it is the weight reduction that is pretty evident, while the stock catcon would have easily been 7 kgs the current titanium mid pipe weighs around 750 gms, the weight loss has made the bike even more nimble. Other big advantage is the ground clearance, earlier while I had to be very careful to not scrape the bike on small speed breakers also, now the bike just glides through them, it is the bigger one where I have to be a little careful and they are also much easily tackled now.

With the catcon

With Catcon Removed (Notice the ground clearance)

Coming to the biggest question – have these mods helped with Heat? Answer to that is Yes, but it is very marginal I expected a temperature drops of 8-10 degrees after catcon removal but in real world it is close to 3-5 degrees in same riding scenarios as before. This is not much, but then I will take what I can, sometimes I think I should get rid of ducati spacer heat shield maybe it is holding back much more ambient heat then it should. The next upgrade might well be Carbon Fiber subframe covers, pictured below, these might help a bit with the heat.

Once the installation was complete and everything sorted, next was the usual visit to my friend house for a round of detailing and he did what he does best, get the bike back to shining red as it should be. Leaving you with few pics after the detailing and Mark 13 looking mesmerizing as always.

I have pretty much run out of all the mods, except maybe an upmap to compliment the fullsystem, which I would contemplate in next few months. I will probably be installing few more Carbon fiber parts during next service and that will also be the year of Desmo service as I am now closing to 24K Kms mark. I just decided to make a list of all the mods that have gone on the bike, and below is the list, I might have missed a couple of parts but in the overall story this should be more or less all of them.

  • Zero Gravity wind screen
  • Mirror blockers with indicators
  • Bar end mirrors
  • Carbon fiber rear guard
  • Carbon fiber seat cover
  • Carbon fiber heel guard
  • Carbon fiber shock guard
  • Carbon fiber exhaust guard
  • Termignoni exhaust slip on
  • Titanium mid pipe ( Makin system a full system)
  • Ducati performance seat ( for touring)
  • Frame sliders
  • Rizoma front fork protector
  • Rizoma sliders swingarm protectors
  • Frame plugs
  • GB racing engine cover
  • Spools for paddock stand
  • Brembo RCS19 master cylinder
  • Samco Hose Pipes
  • Healtech Servo Buddy
  • LED headlight low beam
  • Tank Pad
  • Traction Pad
  • Ducati spacer heat guards

It is closing to 3 years of the ownership of this bike and I have nothing but only good things to say about this HOT bike, it has been a pleasure to own and ride this Italian steed, and let us see what is in store next.

Until next time, take care and stay safe.

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