Fitted HSRP plates to my KA registered Ford Fiesta: Here’s how it went

The riveting and fitting at the fitting centre is mandatory.

BHPian arun1100 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

HSRP for the Fiesta!

Most the vehicles at home do not have the HSRP and hence decided to start off ordering first for my 2012 Fiesta as the mandate for HSRP in Karnataka is from Nov ’23.

Ordered the HSRP through on Aug 30th and booked appointment for Sept 8th at the Cauvery Ford. The plates were ready and shipped to the Ford service centre in the first week of Sept.

I couldn’t visit the dealer on Sept 8th; called up the concerned person in the dealer and informed I would be coming a day late for which he obliged. I reached the dealer today and in 30 mins, the plates were fixed.

Some points to note:

  • Riveting and fitting at the fitting centre is mandatory
  • Plates will not be handed over to customer.
  • The fitting center person will take pics and send to the HSRP vendor.
  • HSRP vendor then send HSRP fixing and Vahan portal updation SMSes.
  • Old IND plates were neatly packed and kept in the boot.
  • Nothing to be paid at the fitting centre.

Some pics at the Ford service centre!

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