Living with a BMW 328i: Dealing with 2 breakdowns, 1 accident & a issue

The accident really gave me a good understanding of how strong the F30 chassis is and its build.

BHPian karan561 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Wanted to share some updates on my F30 in the form of this video which is captioned “I’ll Rebuild It” in the thumbnail. It’s extremely important to have this attitude if you want to keep your German car for the long term. More details are in the video.

Incident No. 1: Accident

Earlier this year my car got into an accident, a pile-up on the Eastern Express Highway where 5 other cars were involved too. Thankfully no one was behind me hence only the frontal portion of the car was damaged.

Incident No. 2: Headlight

After the effects of the above accident during monsoon noticed the headlights too had some cracks (not in front but behind) which were allowing the moisture within. Very soon the headlights were in bad shape

Incident No. 3: Breakdown No. 1

Just a few 100m’s after leaving my home the car died, thankfully it was in N hence pushed the car to side at a safe parking.

Had to call a flatbed from Infinity BMW, Turbhe workshop.

Incident No. 4: Breakdown No. 2

Within a week of this job the car again suffered a breakdown at my office where the car shutting down immediately after starting, hence had to flatbed the car to the BMW Workshop @ Infinity.

The car is back to stock tune now, in a way its good will help the longevity of the engine if the car is stock & not running a remap or a box IMO. Do note that I am still running the Injen Air Intake and an M Performance exhaust. Time for a Drive/

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