EPC error pops up on my Volkswagen Taigun: Dealer clueless on the cause

Whether it’s an issue with the fuel pump or the sensors, I am totally in the dark.

BHPian abiswas27 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Well the EPC error hit me finally. Things were going great but one fine morning the EPC signal came on and while I drove the car to my clinic, I could feel that the car was holding back. I mean the peppiness was gone. I thought maybe it was a one-off instance since the EPC sign would go off and on at its own sweet wish. Now the place where I reside is in Asansol, West Bengal and the nearest workshop is a good 170km away in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. I called up the RSA, who were very prompt and arranged for a flatbed the very next morning at my request.

Now the car is in Jamshedpur and for three days they have been running the checks without any progress. Now the sad part of these service centres is they don’t even bother to update you about the situation and the issue. Whether it’s an issue with the fuel pump or the sensors, I am totally in the dark. It has already been four days and no word when I will get my car back.

My car was one of the first batches (manufactured in Dec 2021).

The software updates for AC and windows are already done in the last servicing. I just wonder if there is an issue with the fuel pumps of the initial batches why hasn’t VW voluntarily recalled and changed? I mean people have to be stranded before you do something about it.

Really disappointed with VW and the service centres for their lackadaisical attitude.

Here’s what BHPian TJ02 had to say on the matter:

I think they have already made a voluntary recall. I had sent my car for brake noise issue & there was a recall campaign for fuel system delivery. My car is Sept 2021 manufactured.

Here’s what BHPian saurabhswift13 had to say on the matter:

I have booked Taigun Highline 1.0 AT, despite seeing all these reported issues in social media. Looking ahead I am thinking does it make sense to get one 2 scanner and try to learn diagnostics because it seems VAG Technology and Service Technician are working in different levels. Lot is being said about fuel pump issue, but honestly I think fuel pump is not related to these problems.

Keep us updated about the status of your car.

BHPian abiswas27 replied:

Well, it has been seven days now, and no progress. Imperial Volkswagen, Jamshedpur has not been able to find the cause.

I had rung up yesterday and they said the fuel pump is not at fault. They have no clue as of now even after running the diagnostics. Really don’t know when I will get my car back. Will keep all updated.

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