Replacing my 2 Honda cars with the 2023 Kia Seltos: Is it worth it?

The barebones 2017 Jazz has been totally trouble-free and the 2019 Civic as well to some extent.

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Good afternoon,

We’re a family of 3 (wife, 3-month-old son and myself). My wife doesn’t drive and doesn’t look like she’s keen on changing that just yet.

A short detail about the cars I own. 2017 Honda Jazz V CVT (35,000 km on the odo) and a pre-owned Honda Civic 2019 ZX CVT (12,000 km on the odo). I purchased the Civic in 2021 as some “JDM” bug had bitten me and was desperate to bring home a Japanese D-segment sedan.

Now, I’m contemplating selling both cars and replacing them with a single car – a new top-spec Kia Seltos (GT Line). I have no other cars in my mind and wouldn’t want another Honda. The budget is 25 lakhs OTR. It’s not that I like the Seltos in any way but it’s a near-perfect vehicle in the budget I’ve mentioned and it could fit my requirement – one car for different roles.

Why? Cut costs. The number of highway runs which weren’t high in the first place has significantly reduced of late due to various reasons (personal, lower back issues, work etc) and the usage is mostly within city limits. The Jazz is like my 2 wheeler and I take it out for all routine stuff in my neighbourhood. It’s used far more extensively than the Civic. I tend to take the Civic out where the roads and parking opportunities are better or at least acceptable. It’s simply too hard in Bangalore now.

The barebones Jazz has been totally trouble-free and the Civic as well to some extent. Does it make sense to bid goodbye to both of them and bring home a new Seltos? Request your opinions/thoughts/ideas.

Thank you.

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

IMHO, both your cars are still good and have a lot of life left in them. But it does look like the new car bug has bitten you. If I were in your place, I’d sell the Jazz as due to high new car prices, you’ll probably still get a fair price for it in the used marketplace. Especially in Bangalore where there is demand for good ATs.

Keep the Civic CVT. It’s a damn competent car and there are few like it today. Sell the Jazz and buy a fun 2nd car, whether the Seltos or something else. But some considerations before you decide:

  1. You seem sold on the Seltos. But have you taken a long test drive? Sometimes, a car might have gotten rave reviews, but it may or may not be for you. Has happened with me a couple of times. Take a long TD.
  2. How much money would you get for the Civic? Have you gotten evaluations done from dealers & startups? Can you keep the Civic & buy a new fun car? If yes, good. If not, then sell the Civic only if you get a really great price for it. The current state of the used car market might work in your favour.

Here’s what BHPian JJay had to say on the matter:

35k for Jazz and 12k for Civic is nothing. If the bug for change is stronger, just sell off the Jazz and get an EV for city use. I would suggest to wait for Punch EV. If not EV, get any fun turbo petrol hatch. Keep the Civic for highway trips and longer routes. Regarding Seltos, it’s a good car with all the features you could imagine in a car but I would never suggest it for the replacement of Jazz and Civic and major reason being the Safety. Why sell off safer cars for less safe cars?

Does it make sense to bid goodbye to both of them and bring home a new Seltos?

A firm NO from my side. Assuming Parking is not an issue and bad back is not the reason for the thought of selling Civic.

Why? Cut costs.

You have 2 reliable Japanese workhorses in your garage, I don’t think selling them off for a single Korean machine would make you save much. (We have Grand i10, Creta and Fluidic Verna in close family)

P.S. I own a Corolla Altis (77K) and WagonR (98K). A few months back I had a strong itch to replace Altis. Test drove XL6, Seltos (pre-facelift), ScorpioN, Grand Vitara, and Safari. Our first priority was of course Toyota (Hycross or Crysta, as Hyryder was ruled out after the GV test drive) but the welcome and subsequent treatment we got at the Toyota Showroom made us drop “new” Toyota from our list. After all the test drives, dropped the purchase plan and decided to keep using Altis.

Here’s what BHPian Zen Av8r had to say on the matter:

I have been drifting on and off a similar thought process. I would recommend maintaining the status quo. Keep both cars and continue to use them as you have been doing so far as both have enough life left in them. Selling the Jazz (trouble-free car) and buying an EV or another ICE car will not be financially prudent.

Here’s what BHPian OpenRoads had to say on the matter:

To what extent is the Civic trouble-free? If the Civic is well-maintained and is in good condition then it would be a shame to let go of such a fun car. Only if you have a budget concern or any internal issue bothering you then sell off the Civic along with Jazz. Or else keep the Civic and let the Jazz go.

Now coming to the new car, Seltos is not a bad choice at all. It comes with all the bells and whistles a car has to offer in its segment and so does its twin Creta. Drive both for long rides and then decide (long test drives matter as you will be in a better spot to decide which treats your back better)

An alternate for Jazz would be Kia Carens in case you still need 7 seats.

I would have suggested Hyryder or Grand Vitara in terms of practicality in the city however after driving a Civic, it would definitely disappoint you in terms of pickup (if that matters).

Note: Compact EV is good but with a kid in the family I would not recommend it. The reason is simple. If you plan for an outstation trip which you will then it would be a constant work to see where or when you need to charge next. It might not be favourable for you or your kid in case you need to charge for hours in between your trips to somewhere.

Happy hunting.

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