DIY installation & wiring: Hella Comet AUX lights on my Ford Ecosport

Using the connectors allows me to take off the lights when they’re not in use.

BHPian thtechnician recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

As many on this forum have documented, the stock headlights on the pre-facelift Ecosport are pathetic, essentially useless for our highways.

So after upgrading the headlight bulbs to 90/100w and the fogs to LEDs, I decided to try installing a pair of aux lights to help with the long range throw. I ended up choosing a pair of Hella Comet 450s that I bought from a local shop.

To mount them, I searched and found this post by ecosport rules which included pictures of the clamps he used. So I took some measurements, and gave them to a local fabricator who made the clamps for me. I left some spare room to allow for adjustment and for adding rubber tubing to avoid rattles.

I also bought a pair of generic connectors to allow me to remove the lights after trips to avoid trouble with cops/theft.

For wiring, I first opened the Hellas and replaced the original wires with my new connectors.

For triggering the lights, I used a Bosch relay with a fuse. I wired it to come on with the high beams by tapping a wire from the relay set I already had for the upgraded 90/100w bulbs.

I made the wiring harness and zip-tied it to the crash bar and the front grille:

Using the connectors allows me to take off the lights when they’re not in use. The mounts don’t protude too far out and the connectors can just be pushed behind the grille:

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