Bought a 2012 Mercedes ML: Observations after initial weeks of driving

While driving you feel safe, due to its size, heaviness, no rolls, precise turns.

BHPian s.arunprabhakar recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got this ML a few weeks ago; 2012 model, excellent engine and transmission.

2012 Preowned W164.

2023 07 Corrections:

  • Changed tires with Michelin 255/50 R 19 103 Y LATITUDE SPORT 3 MO1
  • Main battery that was 8 years old
  • Parking bulbs to Osram LED T10 2825DW-02B
  • Serviced and changed engine/transmission oils and filters, brake fluid, CAM bolt, Wiper blades, A.Charcoal filter, Rotational speed sensor
  • Fixed the broken release handle and parking brake assembly with cables

Initial drive and experience:

  • Comfort is the key. Everything is at the touch of a button – seat height, angle, lumbar support, leg space, thigh support all in your fingers. For both the driver and the front passenger!
  • Quality of speakers- remarkable. Crystal clear, precise. Audio controls are great – fading, treble and bass are perfect
  • Switching audio, answering calls have a beautiful fading effect while switching. Neat.


  • Airbags are the best in class.
  • Auto tightening of seat belts is one in class
  • While driving you feel safe, due to its size, heaviness, no rolls, precise turns
  • Headlights follow the steering, so you can see clearly in the nights
  • Perfect chimes and signals for any vehicles or obstacles closer to your machine
  • Blind spot support on wing mirrors


  • Uparallel to any of the SUVs. Big bucket seats. 5 big adults can comfortably travel
  • Biggest boot space. Can carry baggage for weeks of travel
  • Fuel 100L capacity for long drives
  • Spacious interiors; you can stretch your arms and legs without discomforting others
  • Safety add-ons for babies


  • Made for comfort and long drives
  • Smooth and silent engine
  • No tyre noise coming inside
  • Automatic climate control at its best
  • Perfect visibility in all 4 directions


  • Separate temperature zone for driver and aile passenger
  • Sport, Luxury or normal mode for suspensions
  • Tell tale switches and lights to help even a novice
  • Automatic lighting – interior and exterior, very helpful when parking in dark areas. The whole space around the car is lit and help in boarding
  • Multiple level of temperature settings
  • Heated seats and steering for rainy and cold days
  • Very convenient cruise-control, steps of 1kmph or 5 or 10 helps accelerating/decelerating
  • Limit setting switch to follow road signs on speed
  • Automatic rain sensor and wiping; very useful. More important is automatic speed adjustment of the wiper; heavy rains full speed and drizzling with short cycles. Brilliant!
  • Perfectly positioned rear seat reading lights
  • Ambient light control of all the bright lights inside – display, button-lights, odo-lights all controlled with just 2 buttons!

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