Behold the widebody Novitec Urus ‘Esteso’

If a standard 666hp Performante just isn't enough Urus, you know who to call…

By Matt Bird / Monday, 18 December 2023 / Loading comments

For those well-heeled enough, the Lamborghini Urus is a great base for modifying. No, really. There’s more power to be gleaned from the twin-turbo V8 fairly easily (a lot more simply than there would be with a V10), the sheer size means a colour change (or a new set of wheels) will guarantee impact, and there’s even now a Pirelli Trofeo R for the Urus should you want to make a track car of one. Lamborghini itself now offers a two-model lineup to cater for differing customer demands of its best-selling car. 

Still, the factory can never please everyone, and that’s why the aftermarket exists. This is Novitec’s new take on the Urus Performante and S, the Esteso, and it’s exactly the Lamborghini that might be expected: even more powerful, even wider, a little lower, and even more in your face. This Esteso is fully 10cm wider at the front and a massive 12cm wider at the rear, measurements that feel like it would make an Urus almost undrivable anywhere that isn’t the autobahn, but we’re probably missing the point. Novitec says the bodywork is ‘original equipment quality to guarantee perfect fit, paintability and ease of assembly.’ Perhaps saying it looks good might be a stretch, though this does feel complimentary to the Urus aesthetic. We’ll go out on a limb and say that anyone who likes the standard car will probably appreciate the Esteso, and that’s exactly what Novitec will want. 

Additional changes outside include a new front end that’s claimed to reduce lift, a carbon bonnet (that can be painted on request), a gigantic rear diffuser and a pair of rear spoilers – one on the bootlid, one on the roof. The joy of modifying a Lamborghini is that too much is never enough. 

Adding extra punch to the widebody look is a suspension drop of 25mm (by springs on the Performante, or the air suspension for the S) and some new wheels designed with Vossen, here in 23-inch diameter. Obviously, they’re centre-lock to appear motorsporty, but also promise to be strong and light. And while it might seem crazy to see a car rolling on 285/35 R 23 (front) and 325/30 R 23 (rear) tyres, they are merely the optional tyre sizes from the factory. And a new Pirelli P Zero is currently £700 a corner…

Not that such tedious concerns as tyre prices should really register, but this Urus will be chomping through rubber even more ferociously than a standard Performante. Thanks to Novitec’s ECU work (tweaking boost, ignition and injection), plus a new exhaust, the 4.0-litre V8 in the Esteso is now 116hp stronger than standard, at 782hp. Torque has climbed by a substantial 135lb ft, too, meaning a monstrous 761lb ft overall. Quite what a widebody Urus looks like doing 0-62mph in 3.1 seconds and 193mph we’re not really sure, but it would surely make one heck of a spectacle to witness. 

The Esteso upgrades are available from Novitec now; as usual, buyers can choose individual parts if they only want the look or the power or so on. Moreover, so many Uruses now have such a high level of customisation from the factory (told you modifying was popular) that a suitable donor car isn’t as easy as you might think. This one already has a carbon bonnet and Akrapovic exhaust, for example – but imagine how good Verde Citrea would look as a widebody…   

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