Honda City owner talks about Elevate’s seating comfort & other features

Some plastics in the interior could have been better but the roof liner is better than the Skoda Kushaq.

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BRV and City Owner Checks out the Elevate

I went to the price launch yesterday, there was a City on display right next to 2 Elevates. Reading polar opposite experiences about seating comfort on our forum, let’s start with that.

My height for reference is 5′ 11″ and I weigh 82kgs. I sat on all the seats of the Elevate back to back with the City multiple times to understand what it was all about.

Rear Seats: Very well bolstered and comfortable. Under thigh support was good, recline angle neutral and supportive, headrest angle also perfect and doesn’t jut into your neck like in some cars. The rear is a great place to be for 2 adults and a kid.

Driver Seat: Equally comfortable in the Elevate and City. Preferred the raised feeling better in the Elevate.

Front passenger Seat: For my height, the Elevate driver’s seat felt it had better under-thigh support than the passenger seat. You sit a little knees up in the passenger seat because of the footwell. Not a deal breaker but that’s what I felt. I was sitting more knees up in the City passenger seat than the Elevate. My dad who is 5’9″ was fine with both cars.

Visibility: View out front is 10/10, bonnet line clearly visible even at the lowest point. No second guessing for short/new drivers.

Looks: Butch front end is the design highlight and has an “American muscle” vibe to it that is unique. Understated design. Side profile is boring, but that’s just me. This car will age well and won’t offend many. Blue and White truly look classy.

Boot: Runs deep and wide. Practical shape. Very usable.

Interiors: What a classy dashboard design. Straight lines, no unnecessary cuts/creases. Looks very premium, dare I say, Swedish. But then some plastics could have been better. Roof liner is better than the Kushaq. Doors close with a reassuring thud.

Variants/features: Honda has messed up the spread. Only SV or ZX makes any sense. Knowing Honda’s AC effectiveness, ventilated seats shouldn’t be a big miss. I don’t care about the sunroof so that’s that.

Summarising the negatives

  • 6 airbags should have been standard although Elevate should easily outscore Koreans in safety
  • Cruise control only in ZX. Should have started from VX. City V now feels all the more VFM!
  • For my height 5’11” I found the driver’s seat better than the front passenger seat.
  • Honda should have added a hybrid option when it is already present in the City. Talk about Elevate being the sacrificial lamb to protect the City.

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