You Can Drive Old And New Toyota Supras By Staying At This Hotel

The Fuji Speedway Hotel lets you pick from several Toyota Supra models to test drive, and Fiat will sell two Panda generations concomitantly.

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Spend The Night At The Fuji Speedway Hotel, Drive A Toyota Supra Of Your Choice

Toyota Supra generations at Fuji Speedway Hotel

Toyota has teamed up with the Fuji Speedway Hotel to get you behind the wheel of a Supra if you spend the night at the hotel. Although it’s located right next to the namesake circuit, you won’t be allowed to drive it around the track. The program runs from January 15 through June 30 next year, and you can participate by booking a suite or villa.

You can pick from either a 2020 Supra tuned by TOM’s and equipped with an automatic transmission or a 2022 model with the manual. Those who have an AT-only driver’s license will not be allowed to drive the sports coupe with the stick shift. The test drives are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, with five one-hour runs programmed each day.

An even grander test drive event dubbed “Supra Winter Festival” will be held on January 21-22. Not only will there be a couple of cars from the current A90 generation, but also several previous models: an 1985 Celica XX 2000GT, a 1992 Supra 2.5GT Twin Turbo Aerotop, and an A80 Supra. You’ll be able to drive them for half an hour on the public roads around the Fuji Speedway Hotel.

The Aging Fiat Panda Is Sticking Around, Alongside A Next-Generation Model

2023 Fiat Panda 4×40°

Launched in 2011, the third-generation Panda is one of the oldest cars on sale in Europe. However, Automotive News Europe has learned from Stellantis that Fiat intends to sell the car at least until 2026. It could continue even longer if Euro 7 regulations are going to be delayed. Meanwhile, a special edition named “Pandina” (small Panda”) is in the works.

The current Panda will peacefully coexist with a next-generation model due next summer. It’ll be a bigger vehicle likely called New Panda with mild hybrid and purely electric powertrains. It’s expected to be manufactured at the factory in Kragujevac, Serbia whereas the existing model comes from the Pomigliano d’Arco plant in Italy.

The all-new Panda will ride on the Smart Car architecture that debuted with the Citroën ë-C3. The French small car costs €23,300 in electric guise and offers 199 miles (320 kilometers) of range. An even cheaper one priced below €20,000 will arrive in early 2025 with 124 miles (200 km) between two charges.

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