Get Your Kids On Two Wheels With Mondraker’s Play E-Mountain Bikes

Spanish bicycle brand Mondraker is known the world over for its high-performance mountain bikes. Featuring lightweight frames, capable suspension systems, and cutting-edge components, Mondraker has also ventured into the e-bike space with a few notable models which we’ve talked about in the past. This time, Mondraker is targeting the grassroots of e-MTB with its new kid-focused models.

The new Play Series of electric mountain bikes is designed specifically to let kids learn the ropes when it comes to riding trails, all while giving them a premium steed that’s filled to the brim with the tech found in grown-up bikes. The Play Series of e-MTBs is offered in three wheel sizes – 20, 24, and 26 inches – to cater to varying heights. Each wheel size is also accompanied by suitable frame sizes to accommodate youngsters of all shapes and sizes. On top of that, Mondraker gives you the option to choose from hardtail and full-suspension frames, depending on the type of riding you and your youngsters plan on doing.

On the technology side of the equation, Mondraker has fitted the Play Series with some pretty impressive technology. The bike’s motor is from German brand Mahle, and takes the form of the X35 hub motor. Praised for its compactness and natural pedal feel, Mondraker says it chose this motor to give kids just the right amount of boost, while still necessitating that they put in some pedal work to pick up the pace. With 40 Nm of torque on tap, it’s more than enough power for a brisk pace up the trails.

As for the battery, the Play Series gets a small 250-watt-hour battery pack housed within the frame. There’s also an optional 210-watt-hour range extender for longer rides, but it’s worth noting that it’s only compatible with the bigger 26-inch models.

When it comes to specific models, Mondraker subdivides the Play Series into two variants – Play and F-Play. As the name suggests, F-Play models get a dual-suspension frame, and are better suited to rugged riding on technical terrain. Meanwhile, the Play range of bikes gets a hardtail frame for more cross-country-style cycling. Across the board, the bikes get Stealth Evo 6061 aluminum frames which are both lightweight and durable.

Pricing-wise, we’re looking at 2,400 euros, about $2,585 USD (2,900 euros, approximately $3,123 USD, for the top model) for the Play models, and a slightly more premium price of 3,300 euros, or about $3,554 USD (3,500 euros, around $3,770 USD, for the top model) for the F-Play full-suspension e-bikes.

Sources: Mondraker, Clean Rider

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